Scandinavian runes and their meaning: Fehu to Wunjo (Freyr’s Aett)








Fehu (Archetype: Freyr or Freyja)


The rune Fehu
This is the rune Fehu.



Scandinavian runes can be combined with the seals of Goetia demons. The rune Fehu has to do with the cattle and with the wealth of the peasants. It can help you earn or win money and it will give you more luck in terms of money.

Fehu has the magical power to give you financial strength in the present or near future. Its importance vibrates with abundance of money and wealth.

Use the rune Fehu in your magick during both difficult and good times if you want to see signs of more hope, more success and more happiness.

Fehu affects your success in life in a very positive way. The rune Fehu is loaded with the energy of progress, fertility and creativity.

Fehu also makes your psychic powers more pronounced.


Uruz (Archetype: Thor)


The rune Uruz.
This is the rune Uruz.



The rune Uruz vibrates with physical strength, speed, untapped potential, great energy, good health, freedom, power, courage, endurance, understanding, wisdom, sexual desire, power, masculine strength and change.

Uruz can be used in money magick, magick to stimulate your creativity and courage, and in healing magick (use with caution and at your own risk in healing magick).


Thurisaz (Archetype: Thor)



The rune Thurisaz.
This is the rune Thurisaz.



The rune Thurisaz (associated with Thor, the God of the Thunder) represents proactive force, directed destruction, defense force and conflict.

Thurisaz also vibrates with instinctual will, change, purifying fire, eroticism and male sexuality. Thurisaz can be used in defense magick, court case spells and curses.





Ansuz (Archetype: Odin)



This is the rune Ansuz.
This is the rune Ansuz.



The rune Ansuz vibrates with truth, revealing secrets and clairvoyance, insight and communication. Ansuz can also give you inspiration, enthusiasm, the ability to speak well, blessings, good health, harmony and wisdom.

In magick, the rune Ansuz can be used to reveal secrets, promote good communication between people and to gain insight into the truth.

The rune Ansuz can also be helpful in healing magick (use with caution and at your own risk) and magick to improve luck in life.





Raidho (Archetype: Ing)



This is the rune Raidho.
This is the rune Raidho.



The rune Raidho symbolises a journey, both physical journey and journey through life. The key words that resonate with Raidho are:





change of place

change of an attitude

Raidho can be used in magick if you want to change your career, know which direction in life to follow and to solve problems (when you don’t know what to do).




Kenaz (Archetype: Heimdall)



This is the rune Kenaz.
This is the rune Kenaz.



The rune Kenaz is like a torch. It can give you vision, revelation, knowledge of a particular situation, inspiration, creativity, and technical knowledge and skill.

Use Kenaz in magick if you want to own the power to create your life the way you want. Kenaz also vibrates with passion and sexual love. You can do love magick.





Gebo (Archetype: Gefn)



This is the rune Gebo.
This is the rune Gebo.



The key word of the rune Gebo is: the gift. The rune Gebo symbolises generosity and balance in exchange. You can use the Gebo rune when you make financial pacts with demons and in demonic money magick.

The rune Gebo can also be used in magick that helps you to improve your relationships with other people and establish partnerships of various kinds.





Wunjo (Archetype: Frigg)



This is the rune Wunjo.
This is the rune Wunjo.



The rune Wunjo symbolises joy, success in life and prosperity. This rune can be used in demonic money magick or in magick for the purpose of finding new inspiration.





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