Necromantic magick with dead soldiers: easy petition spells









Necromantic magick with a dead soldier can be complex, but it can be simple too.
Necromantic magick with a dead soldier can be complex, but it can be simple too. This is my Russian ghost.



Necromantic magick with a dead soldier can be complex, but it can be very simple too. You can use grave candles, dolls, pendants (to wear), petitions, herbs, various types of graveyard dirt and Hoodoo powders in your necromantic magick.

You can also call upon several demons from the Goetia and from the Grimorium Verum to assist you in your necromantic rituals. Demon Murmur teaches all about necromantic magick.

This post will describe a very simple petition spell. During this spell, a petition for protection from physical dangers is made to the dead soldier, and of course, offerings are provided.





Necromantic magick:




But first, some words of warning. Men who have served in the army have warned me to be very careful in my magick with dead soldiers and I took their advice.

I have been doing magick with one Russian dead soldier almost during one whole year. In the beginning I was afraid to approach and to do magick with the dead soldier.

So I started my relationship with the spirit by testing the dead soldier for his intentions and willingness to collaborate with me in my magick.

I asked the spirit to provide me its name, surname and age. I was silly and I asked the spirit: “Where is your grave? Lead me to your grave.”

The virtual events started to unfold and the spirit took me on a journey through thousands of internet pages. After doing my detective tasks for about 3 months, I came to a conclusion that I will never find the grave.

But I know the city and country where the soldier died during one of the largest battles in the history of humankind.

I can also tell you that the dead cannot speak in a real sense, because they do not have a physical body, but they are good at giving signs and taking an active part in our lives.

The spirits of the dead can “speak” and you will hear their messages when you are almost falling asleep. Before going to bed you can ask the spirit certain questions.

For example, I asked the Russian ghost: “Do you think that I should do a friendship spell for you and me? Do you want me to do such a spell for us both?”

The ghost answered: “Da!” It means yes in Russian.

The events of my magickal practice have unfolded rapidly and by now the dead soldier has become a spirit I trust and want with me all the time.

I know the name of the dead man and I also know his age when he died. To my shock and surprise, I also discovered that the spirit likes me and is attracted to me.

Still to this day, when I do friendship spells for me and the dead soldier, I am taken on virtual trips to various cemeteries in the country where the soldier died. So, maybe I will find his grave some day.

If you test a particular spirit of a dead soldier for its intentions and willingness to collaborate with you, and you see no signs within a year, this means that the dead is not interested in collaboration.

If chaotic and unpleasant events start to unfold after your first ritual with a dead soldier, this means that the spirit of the dead person is unfriendly. Banish such spirits.





Dead soldiers:

abilities & mode of function



Dead soldiers are robots. Perhaps they have feelings, but they obey orders. I have not done much magick with many dead soldiers, because to test and train one dead soldier takes several years.

I have noticed that the dead soldier will not stop acting out his program (given by me) and continue to spin and unfold the events until his mission is accomplished.

Dead soldiers are good at suggesting and fixing ideas in the minds of the living. They brainwash the human brain on a subconscious level and reprogram a human:

to act in certain ways

to think certain thoughts

to forget certain people

to forget painful memories

to work over a normal working capacity

to start learning their language

The pull of spells with dead soldiers is horribly strong. If you feel emotional pain, because you are in love, and do a love spell with the participation of a dead soldier, your pain will turn into a hellish agony.

If a dead soldier likes you and wants you for himself, he will achieve his goal. He will first create a break up in your relationship and cause you pain.

After this he will teach you to depend on his help: he will help you to heal your emotional pain, to forget your lover, to work hard, etc.




Necromantic magick:




This is the seal of Murmur from Goetia. Murmur is the best spirit if you do magick with dead soldiers.


You will need:

the seal of Murmur

the seal of Lucifer



This is the seal of Lucifer from Grimorium Verum. I use only this seal all the time.


necromancy oil

a pendant

offerings (cigarettes, water, alcohol, money, gold and silver, coffee, tea, bread, honey and food)

a petition to the dead soldier

the soldier’s graveyard dirt and/or his war helmet

grave candles (pour in 1/2 tea spoon of necromancy oil into the candle)






Necromantic magick:

the spell



This is a necromantic ritual with demon Murmur from Goetia.
This is a necromantic ritual with a dead Russian soldier and with demon Murmur from Goetia.



I summon Lucifer during my each and every ritual. When I have summoned Lucifer, I declare the purpose of my ritual and ask him to help me.

After this I summon Murmur and the spirit of the dead, and request help with particular tasks or request protection and patronage from the dead soldier.

I also tell Murmur that I am very thankful to him for teaching me necromantic magick, and I ask the demon to teach me more and more all the time.

I had written my petition to the dead soldier in this way:

“Dear dead soldier [Name]. With this petition I want to tell you that I love you and I am very thankful to you for the joy you bring into my magickal practices.

I want to thank you for keeping me safe and protected from physical dangers, curses and manipulative love spells. Please continue to be my protector.

I also want to inform you that I have relaxed and I do not fear being near your helmet. I want your helmet to be in my proximity, because it makes me feel very safe.

I promise you that I will take good care of your war helmet and keep it safe in my home. I promise you that I will never sell your helmet to other people.”

You can compose a similar petition to your protector, read it to the spirit and burn the paper. Apply a few drops of necromancy oil to your pendant.



This is a necromantic ritual with demon Murmur from Goetia.
This is a necromantic ritual with demon Murmur from Goetia. The petition ashes are in the metal pan.



Place your pendant on the grave dirt or inside the war helmet. After this you can raise the power inside your circle. At the end of the ritual, the licence to depart is given to all involved spirits.

When you are finished with the ritual, you can place the ashes into a potted plant in your home. Wear your pendant every day and every night.

Such simple petition spells can be done once or twice per month.





Strange manifestations




Strange, but very pleasant things start to happen after magick with this dead soldier.



I received white roses from a flower shop (the colour of the petition paper was white). The roses were delivered to my home. An anonymous male sent the roses to me.

I could not find out who sent the roses to me, but I saw my name and my address on the paper wrapping. And the strangest detail was that there was a small note: “Deliver to her door, she will be at home, because I know this.”





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