Demon Marbas and demon Heramael: a healing spell for a cat









Demon Marbas is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Demon Marbas and demon Heramael heal both humans and animals. This post is a payment for their services and speedy assistance with their healing.

Marbas and Heramael are very gentle with animals. I know this for sure, because they have healed my cockatoo (my bird had injuries).

After the story of how the demons healed my cockatoo spread throughout the Occult world, a new patient came to me. This time the patient was a cat.

The cat was a 8 year old male and the owner wrote:

“My cat is trying to urinate, but very little urine is coming out. I can feel how hard my cat is trying to urinate. He is tortured by his illness.

I and my cat have been to the vet, but the doctor told me to add some liquid in my pet’s food. This trick does not help my cat to urinate. I also changed my cat’s food following the advice of the vet. I need to heal my pet. Can you do a healing spell for my cat?”

After I did the healing spell, the cat started to urinate like a champion. I was astonished. The owner of the cat said:” I have never been so happy in my life as I am now. I love to see cat urine.”

Before I proceed with the description of the healing spell, I want to introduce you to Marbas and Heramael.




Demon Marbas: Pseudomonarchia Daemonum



Demon Marbas is also described in the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum.



Marbas is a President and he appears in the form of a huge lion. He can take on human shape too. Marbas can answer your questions about things secret and hidden.

He brings diseases and cures them too. Marbas makes a man wise and gives very good knowledge of mechanical arts and handicrafts. He changes people into other shapes and he commands 36 legions of spirits.

Source: Johann Weyer, Pseudomonarchia Daemonum




Demon Heramael: Grimorium Verum



Demon Heramael is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.



Heramael teaches the art of healing, including the complete knowledge of any illness and its cure. He also makes known the virtues of plants, where they are to be found, when to pluck them, and their making into a complete cure.”

Source: Grimorium Verum




The timing of healing spells



This is the Tree of Life.
Marbas is matched to Samael and Heramael is matched to Golab.



Marbas is a President and the Presidents of Goetia come from Qlipha Samael (the shell of Hod). Marbas should be summoned during Wednesdays.

According to the Grimorium Verum, Heramael comes from Qlipha Golab (the shell of Geburah). The best day to summon Lucifer together with Heramael is Tuesday.

The healing spell can be done during any day or any night, because healing the physical body is a very urgent issue. I had luck, the moon was almost full and I did the healing spell within two days.

Just be sure that you do not do the healing spell when the moon is moving backwards (is void off its course).



The healing spell: ingredients



This is a healing spell with Lucifer, Marbas and Heramael. The ill patient is a small cat.
This is a healing spell with Lucifer, Marbas and Heramael. The ill patient is a small cat.


You will need:

a white candle (paint with sunflower oil and roll in yarrow)

the seals of Marbas and Heramael

the seal of Lucifer



Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal. I use only this seal.



oils for the seals: mint, cinnamon, sandalwood and pine

herbs: high John the Conqueror (for prostate cases), cinnamon sticks (healing), a whole nutmeg (healing), fenugreek seeds (helps digestion), nutmeg powder (healing), mint (chills discomfort), bay leaf (victory over illness), thyme (healing), yarrow (for prostate cases)

herbal antiseptic salve

a paper doll of the animal

the photo of the pet

the name of the pet

the pet’s year of birth

the photo of the pet owner

the owner’s name and surname

the owner’s DOB

the owners address (the pets address)

a petition to the demons

napkins, wrapping paper, ribbon and tag




The healing spell: petition



I asked the owner to compose a petition to the demons. The petition looked like this:

“Dear demon Heramael & demon Marbas,

I write this petition in order to bring overall better health upon my pet [name of the pet]. He used to be a decent healthy weight when I first got him, but once he was neutered he gained a tremendous amount of weight that has been detrimental to him and his health.

It has even effected his capabilities of being able to self groom himself, he developed a bit of an under belly too. Recently he experienced urinary tract infection which is terrible and frightening to see him struggle urinating.

I’m petitioning on behalf of my beloved pet to you both, and I ask, please bring my pet overall excellent health and balance in all aspects, both external, but overall internal. May his urinary tract infection go away forever and never come back, may he never experience such a thing.

I ask for guidance so that I may always take the best precautions and make the absolute best decisions in preventing such a thing. May he never experience any stones or blockages in his urinary tract. May his PH balance remain balanced in his body for the duration of his existence.

He deserves the best life and I ask to please protect him from all forms of illnesses, please bring his weight down in a safe way for a cat.

May I always be guided to make the best decisions to further his life span, may he prosper and live without any infections or diseases, with a healthy balanced weight and overall excellent health.

Thank you Heramael and Marbas, my absolute deepest gratitude to you both.

[Signature or Name and Surname]




The healing spell ritual…do this…



This is a healing spell with demons Lucifer, Marbas and Heramael.
Cast a circle and summon Lucifer, Marbas and Heramael. Promise a certain payment in exchange for healing.



Summon Lucifer, Marbas and Heramael. Offer gifts (gold, silver, gemstone necklaces, money, bank cards, food, alcohol, tobacco) and promise a payment for speedy healing. Inform the demon who needs the healing and why.

Show the photos of the pet and the owner to the demons. Read the petition aloud. Ask for healing. Proceed with baptising the pet’s doll.

Apply the herbal antiseptic salve to the paper doll of the pet. Pour out the “prostate case herbs” (yarrow and High John the Conqueror) on the sticky salve.

Place the rest of the herbs beside the sticky paper doll. Read your spell over the paper doll of the pet 3 times. Pack the sticky paper doll, the healing herbs and the petition into napkins.

This package is packed into the seals of Marbas and Heramael (to send the demons to the ill pet). Finally this package is wrapped into wrapping paper and secured with a ribbon.



This is a healing spell with Marbas and Heramael.
The healing spell is done and the healing is in progress.





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