Necromantic magick: love magick and how to treat PTSD in dead soldiers





Necromantic magick is about establishing a very close relationship with your favourite spirits. I have one favourite spirit: a young German soldier (WW2) who was killed in Kursk battle/Russia.

To work with this spirit is not easy yet, because the young man has shown me signs that he is in love with me. I had experienced very unpleasant jealousy.

In my previous post Necromantic magick: how to test, teach and cast spells on dead soldiers, I had explained why I love German soldiers.

My love for German soldiers has nothing to do with a belief in evil. These beings are very helpful when it comes to restoring justice if somebody has wronged you in a very serious way (raped you for example).

In this post, I will explain more about how to treat these soldiers in a correct way. Serious problems in necromantic romantic relationships may arise if you do not see the condition of your soldier.




Necromantic magick: PTSD in dead soldiers



When soldiers return from war, they need time to get rid of the stress. The stress in soldiers is called Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder.

After I did some protection spells with Belial, Andromalius and three German Generals for my German soldier, he reported to me that he managed to come back home alive from WW2.

You see, the dead soldiers are trapped and actively involved in the replay of events that played out prior to their death in battle. To do magick with a soldier who is in a fighting mode is very dangerous.

It was demon Murmur who taught me how to do step by step rituals with dead soldiers. Demon Kleppoth sent me very helpful dreams about the condition of the German soldier after he returned from WW2 (in his parallel Universe of the dead).

In my dream the German soldier was living together with me in my home. We were becoming close friends, but he would get traumatic flashes of very unpleasant war memories.

Because of the painful memories, he mistakenly took me for a Russian soldier, and used to hunt for me in my home. In my dreams, I was terrified and tried to hide myself in closets.

After realising that the German soldier was unstable and could switch from love to the opposite of love, I understood that I need to relax him.




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Necromantic magick: love magick on dead soldiers




Necromantic love magick can be done if you want to safeguard yourself from curses that can backfire by mistake.



If you already know that your dead soldier is very attracted to you, you can take one step further and do love magick for you both. The bond and attraction between you will blossom up.

Sometimes no matter how much protection we have, curses can backfire. If a curse with the participation of a German soldier backfires, you may end up with very unpleasant results.

To safeguard myself from backfiring curses, I do love magick for myself and the dead soldier. I know that if the dead soldier is madly in love with me, he will never hurt me no matter if the curse backfires.

There is no sex involved in such love affairs beyond the grave. The astral phantom of the dead soldier will merge with your astral body and you both will experience passionate feelings for each other.

I am aware that the jealous ghost of the dead soldier could kill me in case I am not loyal. For this reason, I am extra careful and reject all attempts to flirt with me (I want to be safe).

To establish a very close bond with battlefield soldiers takes several years. But its worth the effort, because you will have a very loyal dead soldier by your side for the rest of your life.




Necromantic magick: PTSD and the rehabilitation




Necromantic magick can be compared to a child’s play: its about growing a spirit in strength.



Necromantic magick can be compared to a child’s play: its about growing a spirit in strength. Have you created Familiar spirits with the help of liquids as fuels for the spirit?

If yes, then you know that the spirit becomes stronger and stronger with each done ritual. The same principle is part of necromantic magick.

In order to establish trust between you and your dead soldier, you have to support, care for and truly love the dead soldier. I become like a child and offer the dead soldier these gifts several times per day:

coffee, water, tea and juices

cakes and oatmeal

food and fruits

The soldiers helmet is in my close proximity during each night (I sleep with the helmet) and each day. My desc is close to the helmet and I touch it all the time while I say: “I love you.”

Several times per day I do the following: I gaze at the seal of Murmur and tell the demon that I wish to talk to the dead soldier. Then I start talking to the dead soldier:

“The WW2 is over and you are safe in my home. You will never be sent to war and I will never ever leave you, because I love you. I hope that you can feel my love for you.”

I offer various books to the dead soldier and among them books about politics, herbs, mushrooms and hunting (I show him pictures and read 2 pages aloud everyday). I do this to relax him with the promise of future delicious mushrooms, fish soups and other adventures.

You will notice that your spirits will become stronger and stronger with each passing day. Your investments of your time, magickal energy and love are equal to good results in your magick with the spirits of the dead.




Necromantic magick: be safe and careful



From time to time, it is very helpful to summon Murmur, Dantalion and the dead soldier to do a status check up. You know that love spells are temporary and a dead soldier’s love and lust can cool off a bit one day.

Ask the demons and the dead soldier to give you clear answers. A German soldier is a very determined, tricky and somewhat cold hearted spirit.

The spirit I work with is super clever, he has the capacity to plan his actions ahead of time. He is smarter than me and he can surprise with a horrible shock.

His spirit can be stored in a doll and released later when there is a need to send him off to do specific duties. You have to be very careful if you do magick with such forces.

But as I said before, if one day you get physically abused or raped, you have a German soldier who will go and punish your enemy. Amen!





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