Necromantic magick: how to test, teach and cast spells on dead soldiers


Necromantic magick with dead soldiers can be a pleasure if you are dealing with a dead soldier who is in love with you.
Necromantic magick with dead soldiers can be a pleasure if you are dealing with a dead soldier who is in love with you.



Necromantic magick with dead soldiers can be a pleasure if you are dealing with a dead soldier who is in love with you. But usually, when you and your dead soldier meet for the first time, you do not know the intentions of the spirit.

To find out if the dead soldier is in love with you takes time: approximately one year. Multiple tests and spells on the dead soldier to keep him safe, bring about wonderful results.

Some dead soldiers are still fighting their battle on other planes of the astral. I got to know this during my rituals with Murmur and my dead German soldier. The dead soldier is convinced that he is still alive.

With time I allowed the dead soldier to possess me, but I asked him to be gentle with me. The dead soldier entered me during the time when I was in some sort of hypnotic state.

He moved my fingers and forced me to write strange texts about battles he fought and will be fighting in the future (he does not know that he is dead), about his wish to love a woman, and his ability to force me to do anything for him.

By now, he regards me as his girlfriend. After I did a protection spell with Andromalius and Belial for him to make him return from his war alive (WW2 in his parallel Universe), he reported that he was back home and had plans to marry me.

The strangest thing was that both Andromalius and Belial work wonderfully in other Universes where time runs with a different speed.

You see, the dead are in a parallel Universe and time runs with a different speed there. The dead soldier told me about the difference in time between him and me.



Demon Murmur helps the Witch to become transferred to a parallel Universe of the dead.



Demon Murmur opens up a portal through the subconscious mind and helps us to meet up with the dead. When events start to unfold on the physical plane you will think its science fiction (due to the time gap of 77 years).

If you do spells to protect the dead from a violent death or to heal their injuries with the help of Marbas (while Murmur helps you to reach that parallel Universe of the dead), you will change the destiny of the dead.

They are dead on the physical plane, but matters will be different in the parallel Universe of the dead. At least knowing that a man is at peace, safe and truly believes that he is back home from war alive, brings me relief.

It seems that the dead soldier suffered a violent death on the physical plane and is very attached to the pleasures of a life together with a woman.

He refuses to cross over. I do not know how to break his attachment to me, and honestly I do not want such a loyal soldier to leave me unprotected. So, I live with a ghost who is in love with me.

But I have also noticed jealousy issues running in my life and the dead soldier wanted to have his own social media account for him to mark his territory (to make other men understand that they should not approach me).

Jealousy issues can be controlled with the help of magick. If the ghost becomes angry at you and you end up with a stubborn dead soldier, you can do freezer spells, use mint and honey in abundance in the head cavity of the doll, and of course expensive gifts and offerings.





Necromantic magick: test the dead



The dead soldier is always by my side. We love each others company.



You have to test the dead several times, before you can trust them. This is especially true in cases when you do magick with dead German soldiers and dead German war criminals.

If you do magick with dead American soldiers, you will be a lot safer. A dead American soldier knows his duties: to protect his own American people.

On the other hand, dead German war criminals will accept you as member of their own tribe if you are the girlfriend of a dead German soldier.

Many people have criticised me for working with such malicious forces like dead Germans, but these beings are good at punishing thieves, criminals, paedophiles, rapists and other malicious folks.

So, you have to begin with testing your dead soldier (soldiers) for their intentions towards you, their loyalty to you and for their intelligence.

Send them off to do duties for you very often. If you do not do rituals with your dead soldiers often, they will get bored and lazy.

Do lots of protection spells for yourself with Halphas, Andromalius, Belial, Focalor and Murmur, and your dead soldier, and observe the results. If you are safe, then you can be sure the soldier (soldiers) has (have) good intentions.

You can create a doll and stuff the doll with graveyard dirt of the soldier, and do magick on the dead soldier with his doll. Create Witch bottles for the dead soldiers to protect them from the shock of death.

In fact, this is how I do magick with the dead soldier (to heal his injuries and to protect him from death during WW2 in his parallel Universe).

You can give orders to the soldier too. Just stuff the orders into the head cavity of the doll along with herbs, commanding powders and honey.

But, because there is a time gap between the parallel Universes and also 77 years has passed since the soldier died on the physical plane, I obtain strange but good results.

The results can be compared to time travel: the dead soldier thinks he and I am in his parallel Universe, WW2 is soon over and he is returning from war alive. He is in love with me.




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Necromantic magick: teach the dead



Demon Dantalion teaches any arts and sciences to people and to the dead.



If the dead soldiers are unfriendly in the beginning, you can summon Murmur together with Dantalion. Demon Dantalion can help you and your dead soldier to begin accepting each other.

Still to this day, on some occasions I dream about the dead soldier chasing me with a gun in his hand. But after the nightmare is over, we become best friends in the dream.

Dantalion can help you and your soldier to establish trust in each other. Teach the dead soldier that hurting you is forbidden. As a precaution against curses that may backfire (with the participation of the dead soldier), I started to do love spells for me and the dead soldier.

A soldier in love with his woman, will be unable to hurt her, no matter if the spell backfires by accident. But there are some drawbacks with love spells on dead people.

The energy of a dead soldier is horribly strong, and the mind will be tormented by the pull of the spell. Because the dead soldier is unavailable for sex and physical contact, you must have a very immune psyche.

Distract yourself with lots of work, and work non stop all the time. If you seek out a physical partner for sex or for romance, expect trouble. A jealous ghost can kill you by getting you into an accident or get you murdered.

You must be loyal to the dead soldier in exchange for protection. And the soldier will protect you from violence, physical dangers and death.





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