The Devil’s money pacts: why to make a pact and what to expect









The Devil’s money pacts can benefit you enormously. The Devil’s name is Lucifer and he is a very handsome demon.



The Devil’s money pacts can help you to change your profession, to manifest money and to increase your income. But all this does not happen overnight.

Lucifer and his demons do not offer their services for free. Demons want payment for their services and in some cases they want huge payments and sacrifices.

In this post I want to shed light on the topic of the Devil’s money pacts. You see, money will not fall from the sky. You must have some professional skills in place.

It is also expected that you have healthy beliefs about money and wealth in your subconscious mind. If you never practised money affirmations, you can begin doing it now.

Below I offer you a one hour tape of financial brainwashing. You can listen to this tape when you begin your day and before going to bed.








The Devil’s money pacts: what will happen?



These are the seals of Lucifer and Clauneck from Grimorium Verum.




Below I offer you a copy of a consultation with a client. Because I want to guarantee 100% privacy to all my clients, I have changed some details (like profession, gender, age, etc).

As you read this consultation, you will understand what Lucifer and his demons can do for you, what payment they prefer in order to give you their 100% support and unlimited financial help.




Financial deals with Lucifer: what will happen?

“Hello Lucifera, hope all is well with you. I came across your Love pact with Lucifer and the pact for money with Lucifer, Lucifuge and Mephistophilis.
The way you described everything resonates deeply with me. I want to know more about pacts with Lucifer and your payments to him.”

“Yes, I make pacts and even on behalf of my clients. These pacts have a duration of 5 years, the demons will help as best as they can, but you must do your part: work hard.”

“Can I discuss my situation with you in the consultation in order to know if such a pact would be beneficial to me?”

thank you, I saw the payment. So, lets begin discussing your needs. Tell me why you would like to make pacts with the demons. Are there any difficulties in your professional life? Or maybe you want the demons to help you become noticed by your boss and get a promotion?”

“Good afternoon. I’m a professional dancer, make up artist and a coach. I live in [Country]. Life is expensive here.
I had a steady inflow of cash for awhile, but things ended abruptly due to changes at work, and created financial issues. Now I have to depend upon a man for financial support.
I no longer want to work in the same way as I did before. I want to be so financially independent that I don’t need a man for financial support.
Making a pact is like making a deal with myself as long as I’m willing to be disciplined? Is it so? How can the demons help?

“Hello, lets begin.
I understand that the lack of money brings a lot of fear and stress into your life. I also understand your desire, because to depend on the man is horrible. Its good if the man is an angel, but in most cases men are not angels.
Demons do help by showing a way out of the difficulty. You have wonderful skills and if I help you to make a pact with the demons, these things can begin happening in your professional life:
You will begin blogging about how to be very attractive to men, how to flirt, how to spot high quality men, how to do make up, style hair, how to make the man pay, how to suck a man dry for his money, etc.
You will begin attracting fans and clients to you, and you will help and coach women to find love or to hook up with rich men. With time you may become a relationship coach or a “style makeover for ladies” coach
This is what can happen and with dedication, you will turn the blogging into a platform for your career. But there will be lots of work to do.
Do you have any other skills? Skills that can be turned into a source of income?
Pacts do not make one rich in a moment, its a gradual process. Magick does not come with a 100% guarantee. I always ask my clients to read my disclaimer, because I offer no refunds once the pact is made. My disclaimer is here:

“My apologies for my delay in our exchange. I like what you suggested that can be a source of income as well. Can I still be a service provider and work with demons in order to always have a full schedule?
Will my Goetia magick become stronger if I make a pact with Lucifer? I practice magick, but I just started with the Goetia about a year ago.
I’m around 40. Hot looks are still on my side. I want to take advantage of my situation (my skills) and start a new career.
I already have a vision of how I want things to happen for the most part, I just need some money to make it happen. Can the demons help me have a successful business?”


“Yes, you can and must work with demons all the time, but you must keep your occult practices secret. If you expose your occult practices, you will have no clients.

Yes, your Goetia may become stronger if you make a pact with Lucifer and if you pay him well for his help. This also depends upon how long you have been practising magick. Each year of involvement into the occult adds strength to our magick.
It is good that you practice magick, you will need magick in your life, because magick gives power to women. Take care of your beauty, because beauty is equal to power over men. Looks are everything, because men are visual.
It is very good that you know what you want in life. Some people have no idea what they want. Visualise each day for 15 minutes your new life, money in your bank account, you shopping food and everything you want, etc.
Yes, the demons can help you to have a successful business, but this will take time. The demons show the way out of the difficulty and support us.
When pacts are made, a payment must be done, otherwise they have no interest in helping. I have done a huge payment to the demons, its a life long payment.
Many years ago I sold my love life to the demons and in exchange for money. My clients make regular offerings as payment to the demons. I dont have to make offerings, because I made a huge payment at once.
I am in platonic relationships and money deals with demons and with the dead. I enter into relationships with the most influential demons for my pacts.
I even made multiple love pacts (blood pacts) with my favourite dead soldier. He loves and protects me.

“Ever since I read you sold your love life, it’s weight heavy on me like it spoke to my soul and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s almost like I found my remedy or solution it’s hard to explain…
Should I form a relationship with Lucifer first like, doing regular or daily sun rites in the sun hour to form a bound, before doing this pact?
Did you gradually add 5 years at a time to your pact, and now you’ve accumulated 15 years, or it was all at once?
I don’t really think a love relationship is meant for this incarnation for me. Do you have any protocols for writing my pact and how long does it takes to start seeing changes?”

Yes, its very important to form a working relationship with Lucifer or any other spirit prior to any pacts. Just summon Lucifer at any time when it suits you.
I was in a relationship long ago, but then I understood how badly I suffered in a bad relationship with a man. I said: no more relationships, because they make women miserable. I am convinced that I deserve only the best of best in my life.
I am also in platonic love pacts with many dead people of my interest: dead soldiers for protection, bankers for loans and advice on investment of money, lawyers for helping clients with court case magick, etc.
No, I don’t have any protocols, but I have one video about pacts with Lucifer. You can write your own petition with your request for the help you need PLUS what you are trading: your love life for example.

“Do you suggest any length of time to form a relationship with Lucifer before entering a pact? Can I make a 5 year pact and if I like how I feel then make it a lifelong pact?”

“Yes, I think that a close relationship with any spirit is a must prior to entering pacts. I suggest that you do rituals with Lucifer for say 2 or 3 months.
Then ask him if it okay to make a pact with him. You will receive the answer in the form of impulse to make a pact, there will be no doubts in your mind about making a pact.”


“Can I make a 5 year pact (trade my love life in exchange for financial support) and if I like how I feel then make it a lifelong pact?”


“Yes, you can. I think so that you can. Its much better that you ask Lucifer about this. Spirits are very tricky to work with.
And the strangest thing is this: after such Devil’s money pacts and when you sell your love life to spirits, you may suddenly think you met the man of your dreams. But the spirits will interfere and blow away the man. This happened to me many times.
But in the end  I start to understand that the demons and the dead love and protect me from love that may hurt me. It is much better to be with demons and the dead than to be with human partners.
Demons teach magick. You will have magickal power and money. You will be free and enjoy your life to the fullest.”


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