Necromantic magick: the benefits of being in love pacts with dead soldiers


Necromantic magick can be done using old helmets, photos, personal items and graveyard dirt.



Necromantic magick is very powerful. In this post I will explain about the benefits of being in love pacts with dead soldiers. Dead soldiers are loyal and they obey orders exactly.

Dead soldiers can protect you, educate you on the subject of equipment for personal protection, and tame your fears. They are good at guarding and warning about danger.




Blood love pacts with dead soldiers





If you have a favourite dead soldier and you want the spirit to protect you in a fierce way, you might want to make the spirit very interested in you.

Think of a dead soldier as a physical soldier who is alive. A soldier in love with you, will do everything in his powers to protect you from danger and violence.

For this reason, I make blood love pacts with my favourite dead soldier. By now, I have made several such blood pacts and have even developed feelings for the spirit.

And this is a fact: the dead can enter our mind and influence our thoughts. There is not an hour when I do not think about the dead soldier, and if I am near his helmet, I touch it.

During my pacts with the dead soldier, I promised to love the spirit and to keep his helmet safe. I also asked the spirit if it wanted to sleep in my bed (yes it did).

I also asked the spirit to protect me from physical danger and to possess me whenever I would start fearing a dangerous situation.

And nowadays the possession occurs spontaneously: both during waking hours and during sleep. As a result of the possession, I learned a lot about tools for self defence and about army gas masks (against chemical attacks).




Rituals with demon Kleppoth



Demon Kleppoth is mentioned in the Grimorium Verum and this is the demon’s seal.



I strongly advice to combine the necromancy demons of Goetia and Grimorium Verum with demon Kleppoth. Kleppoth will send dreams and visions about the dead.

Audible messages during dreams will increase in the frequency of occurrence, and you will know more about the dead: how they looked when they were alive, how much savings they had accumulated, and if they do not object to collaborate with you.

It is possible to be in platonic love relationships with the dead. If you and the dead are in very good relationships, then you will have magickal allies with enormous powers.

After one ritual with Murmur and my favourite dead soldier, a being came to me in my dream (it was Murmur I think). The being gave me a pink napkin and said:

“Now you have cast your love spell on the dead soldier and soon you two will experience deep affection for each other. He was a rich man, we found a sum equal to 5000 USD in his treasury in the grave. If you want to marry him, you should know that he likes you. You will become a rich woman.”

Before I began doing rituals with Kleppoth, I did not dream so much about the dead after my rituals with Murmur and the dead.





The dead are very clever



I have been introduced to other dead military staff too. I summoned some Generals for protection. Upon my request, the dead soldier went to the US and Greece to supply me with some military paraphernalia.

I was test driving the spirit of the dead soldier and the spirit went off to a military base. Later I was shocked by his loyalty, speed of operation and excellent knowledge of different languages.

My point is this: before you attempt to work with a dead soldier, you must test drive the spirit. Why? Because you never know the intentions of the spirit.




Pacts with the dead: strange payments




I am in platonic relationships and money deals with demons and with the dead. I enter into relationships with the most influential demons for my pacts.
I even made multiple love pacts (blood pacts) with my favourite dead soldier. I asked him: “Tell me darling…besides me being loyal to you and taking care of your helmet…is there something else you desire as payment?”
After the necromantic ritual with Murmur and the dead soldier I went to bed. The dead soldier appeared in my dream and showed images accompanied with his voice: “I want to have my own social media account.”
I created a social media account for the dead soldier. But during the time when I was creating his social media account, I felt very strange. It felt very strange, because the dead soldier was inside screwing with my brain (some force was dominating me).
Still today I feel confused about the payment for the pact.





Summary of benefits



The benefits of being in life long love pacts with a dead soldier are:

you will be kept single and safe, because the dead soldier will chase away all men

you will be supported, guarded and protected

the dead soldiers are extremely loyal and obedient

you will be possessed often to help you pass through difficult situations

protection against love that hurts




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Disadvantages & dangers


There might be some disadvantages of forging love pacts with dead people. After a blood love pact, the bond between you and your chosen spirit of a dead person will grow stronger (its platonic love).

I had already discussed the subject of payments for pacts. Payments can be grand and also small. It is up to you if you want to sell an aspect of your life to the dead.

Pacts must be taken seriously. Blood pacts are very long lasting and the payment you promise to the spirits will be taken from you (even if you later resist paying).

Do not engage into sex with dead people during dreams. This is not advisable, because your astral bodies will become a source of food for the dead.

Kissing and hugging the dead in dreams is okay. If in your dreams you feel that the dead person is in love with you (look into their eyes), and you are in love with the dead person, then this is very good.

To feel strong mutual love is good, because this indicates that your love pacts have gained speed and are in progress.




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