Demons, younger men and older women: red flags in your relationship and what to do









Demons, younger men and older women: demon Andromalius will protect you from love that hurts.



Demons, younger men and older women make a perfect team. Younger men love older women. I have noticed this, because my female clients are 20 years older than their male lovers.

Relationships with large age gaps may end in trouble, especially if the woman is 20 or 30 years older than the man. My female clients look like young girls and young men want such women…

But such relationships often end in trouble and then my clients come to me. Below you will find the so called Red flags that will alert you.




Red flag 1: kids



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Your male partner wants children, but you can no longer produce children. With time, the desire to have children will grow strong in your man and he will be looking for other “fertile” women.

It is very clever to inform your young lover that you cannot give him children, or do not want any more children. Do this even before you two start having sex. It is fair towards the man.

My clients are very busy women and they have grown up children of their own. None of them has time or desire to have more kids. Kids drain time and the wallet.

If your young partner tells you that he is not planning to have children, know, that this is not true. After 5 or 10 years things may change and he will want children.

Be smart, firm and inform the man that you two will have two options:

you both can adopt a child (your young lover will pay for this luxury)

you both can do business with a surrogate mother (your young lover will pay for this luxury)

your young lover will hire private nannies for your child (your young lover will pay for this luxury)

Why private nannies? The world is an infectious garbage can these days. Those people at the kindergarten don’t care for your child, they are there to earn their money.

Make clear that money is your goal in life. Your young partner is expected to have the same goals and values as you do. If you have different goals and values, your relationship will end.

Red flag number one is a major reason for break ups in age gap relationships. 

For example, if your goal in life is money and your lover tells you: “Money is not my goal.” Sorry, but you two do not match well. Why?

You will be working 24/7 and earning lots of money, while the other will be in an aimless condition and demanding kids to be born for him.




Red flag 2: opinions of others



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Red flag number 2 is a scary one. Your male lover hides you away from his relatives, friends and coworkers. Sorry, such a relationship will not work at all.

He hides you away, because he has very low self esteem. The opinions of others mean a lot to him, although he understands that he will never meet a more beautiful woman than you.

There is nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to huge age gaps: if a woman is 20 or 30 years older than the man. All people have different needs, wants and preferences. Some men prefer mature and very confident women.

Young women don’t have the experience, maturity, the charismatic appearance and confidence of an older women. Some older women are very beautiful and cannot be compared to most young women.

Some younger men fall for the physical beauty of an older woman. Love is blind, but the age gap of 20 years cannot be ignored. Relatives, friends and coworkers will notice the age gap sooner or later.

If he hides you away from his relatives, friends and coworkers, then he is not the right “young” man for you. Look for another man and never continue the relationship, because you will get hurt.




Red flag number 3: poor communication



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Most starting relationships end due to poor communication. Polite, clear and honest communication is the key to success in all relationships.

Observe how you two communicate on a regular basis. If you did not hear from your lover during 1 month, you may expect periods of long silence in the future too.

Do not take such a young man very seriously, unless he has informed you on beforehand that he must be silent due to operational security at his work.

Do you two talk about the future? If he never mentions a future together with you, then he does not plan a future together with you. Stay away from this man.

Does he tell you about his mother and father? Does he tell you about his past and previous relationships? If no, please ask him to tell you.

You can read a man like an open book when you know his story. Relationships between mothers and sons are crucial. If a man had a poor relationship with his mother, he may have poor relationships with women.





Red flag number 4: jealousy



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If a man is super jealous, he has low self esteem and fears the loss of love. We attract to us what we think and feel. Oftentimes such men had seen a lover in their mother’s life and developed an Oedipus complex.

Some men had been verbally abused and abandoned by their mothers and such men are damaged beyond repair. As a consequence of a traumatic childhood, the love life becomes traumatic too.

A relationship with such a young man will be difficult. It will be spiced with jealousy and fights. Do you have time for trouble? No, if your goal in life is money.

What if the jealousy starts to impact your business relationships with clients? You will lose your best clients. Your business will suffer.





These demons can help: Dantalion



Demon Dantalion is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Dantalion can help you to chill your mind, stay sober from the pangs of love and help you to stay focused on your business goals.

If the relationship between your young man and you ends, Dantalion can help you to find relief and forget your lover. Do a couple of spells with Dantalion and allow yourself to go forward in life.




These demons can help: Andromalius



Demon Andromalius is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



You can send Andromalius to your lover for a check up. If Andromalius finds something “bad” about your lover, he will erase your lover from your life.

You can count on Andromalius, because he can protect you from love that hurts. Please trust Andromalius, because he is the absolute best demon of protection.




These demons can help: Lucifer



Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.



I am in several pacts with Lucifer, Lucifuge Rofocale and Mephistophilis. These demons protect me from love that hurts. No man has ever succeeded to hurt me.

Such blood pacts with Lucifer work precisely: he eliminates all “troublesome” lovers in good time. After making blood pacts with Lucifer with a promise of mutual love, a woman will change a lot and become less emotional.




These demons can help: Barzabel



This is the planetary talisman of Mars. It grants enormous courage and makes a woman very firm.



Barzabel can help you to stand strong and focus on your work. I advise to do bleach jar spells with Barzabel to reverse your obsession with a lover.

Falling in love can be tempting, but it is also very dangerous. The aftermath of a love affair gone wrong can make us sick and diminish our working capacity.

Bleach jars with Barzabel are very powerful, but the magick reaches the depths of the subconscious mind. Sometimes soberness from the pangs of love cannot be attained just after two rituals.

In some cases the reversals turn into a stronger obsession with a lover. This is because love is an addiction and the restart of an addiction is accompanied with the production of hormones.

But after 10 rituals with Barzabel, you will be in control of your emotional attachments. You will become sober from the pangs of love and think with your logic more.




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