Necromantic and demonic magick: dead animals and dead war criminals as your allies


Necromantic and demonic magick: Murmur is your best demon for necromantic rituals.



Necromantic and demonic magick go hand in hand and the spirits of the dead are very helpful. In this post I will try to provide lots of different information on the topic of necromancy.

I do not consider myself an expert in the area of necromantic magick, but I know a lot by now. I am very fond of rituals with dead soldiers, but the spirits of dead animals can also help to solve everyday problems.




Necromantic and demonic magick: animal necromancy



The spirit of a dead chicken is attached to its bones. Dead chickens can help you to keep an eye on your small pet birds. Dead chickens can act as an astral pet sitter or a friend for your feathered pet.

When deciding to summon a dead chicken for the purpose of watching over your birds, you must exercise caution. Some wild birds eat other birds.

Parrots and small birds are always prey animals, but they are more than happy to eat eggs from a hen. A dead hen can be summoned to look after your birds. Generally speaking animals will help you to watch over and to understand your pets.

You can summon dead dogs for protecting your home. It is good if you know the spirits of the dogs well. It is never too late to become best friends with the spirits of dead dogs.

It is also a good idea to test drive the spirit of any dead animal. This procedure gives you a chance to understand the intentions of the spirit.

Ask for a friendly and safe sign from the spirit. The sign will be given to you within 1,5 or 2 months. I summon dead animals in the presence of demon Murmur from Goetia.




Demon Murmur: Goetia



Demon Murmur is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Murmur is the 54th spirit. He is a great duke and also an earl. He appears in the form of a warrior riding upon a Gryphon and he wears a ducal crown upon his head.

Murmur has company of his ministers. This spirit can teach you philosophy perfectly and he constrains the souls of the dead to appear before you to answer your questions.

Murmur rules over 30 legions of spirits.

Source: Goetia




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Necromantic and demonic magick: dangers



There are huge risks involved in the practice of necromancy and some of them are: ghosts in your home (they scare pets), physical injuries and mutual affection between you and a spirit.

A spirit of a dead may suddenly begin showing you signs of affection. Because the dead have no physical bodies, they will come in dreams and tell you that they like you. They also speak through other people by entering their minds.

The dead are dangerous, because they can manipulate your thoughts and change your feelings. They can use you as an instrument for manifesting their desires of flesh (they want to live).

I have a favourite spirit of a dead soldier. At first I did not like the dead soldier, because he is German. Later I was test driving the spirit of the dead soldier and he drew to me a real soldier.

But the appearance of a real soldier in my life was just a friendly sign from the spirit of the dead: that the spirit is willing to collaborate with me, likes me and will not harm me.



Patrick (Baudrick in German) is my protector. He died 1943 in the battle of Kursk.



I received many visions, dreams and also audible messages from the spirit of the dead soldier. In one dream I was kissing the dead soldier and he told me this:

“You are falling in love with me. I notice this. I like you very much. I would play the slave and master game in bed with you, but I would never hurt you.”

The spirit Patrick can speak several languages and mimic other people’s voices. He is good at revealing the thoughts of other people. Patrick starts communicating with me spontaneously when I am in a visionary state.

Once, when I was in a visionary state, Patrick and a group of other soldiers were staring at me and talking very loudly in German. I felt uneasy and somewhat threatened.

My point is that you must test drive a spirit of a dead, because your spells will result in real life events. Evil spirits (some people are evil) can create chaotic and even very bad events.




Necromantic and demonic magick: more dead soldiers



Dead soldiers know each other well. My dead soldier went to some cemeteries in USA and introduced me to a dead policeman, to dead veterans of the WW2, Korea and Vietnam wars.

He is smart and caring, and arranged some future deliveries for me. Patrick supplied me with excellent pictures of grave stones too.

If you need protection from a dead soldier and you cannot obtain a picture of the soldier, you can take a picture of the grave stone and collect some graveyard dirt.

Summon your dead protector by looking at the picture of the grave stone and by holding the dirt in your hand. If it is your first time of interaction with the spirit of the dead, do ask for a  safe and friendly sign.

I do not advice to interact with dead soldiers without testing their intentions on beforehand. Not all dead military staff is friendly.




Necromantic and demonic magick: war criminals



Many people have criticised me for doing magick with dead German war criminals (WW2), owners of Iron Cross class 1 (there are Iron Crosses of class 2 also).

The Iron cross of class 1 was a reward for bravery and malicious deeds. It was Patrick who introduced me to his colleagues of very high rang and helped me to master my fears.

During those days when I started to summon dead German war criminals, I was in physical danger. I had nothing to lose at all and dared to summon Patrick, three German Generals (bearers of Iron Cross class 1) and Focalor.

I remember that I was standing on my knees inside my ritual circle. I humbly asked the war criminals to save my life and to protect me. I promised to treat them well with my sincere love and devotion and expensive gifts.

If you manage to forge good friendships with dead war criminals, you have nothing to fear. Your enemies will be powerless against you.

Again, I strongly advise you to ask for a sign that you will be safe with war criminals. The sign will be given, but it will be a scary shock for you.

Dead war criminals are your best friends in protection magick and they will stand up for you. They will battle down and punish criminals, thieves and those evil people who abuse animals, small children and women.




Necromantic and demonic magick: demons and the dead


During your rituals with war criminals you can summon:

Andromalius, Murmur and Focalor or

Halphas and Murmur

Andromalius, Murmur, Focalor and the dead war criminals should be summoned in cases if you fear loosing your life and want to protect yourself.

Halphas and Murmur can help you to create protection devices that automatically send off (emit) dead war criminals and send these creatures to the one who sends you a curse.




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