Frucissiere, Kleppoth, the undead and soul transfer to a living body









Necromantic magick can be done with demons Frucissiere and Kleppoth.



Necromantic magick with demons Frucissiere and Kleppoth brings about vivid dreams about the dead. Demon Frucissiere is described in the Grimorium Verum and he revives the dead.

Frucissiere teaches how to do a soul transfer. Soul transfer is possible to do during a necromantic ritual. The soul of a dead person is transferred into the body of a living person.

During rituals with Frucissiere, I understood that the spirit of a dead person is multidimensional. One part of it reincarnates and continues to live in a new physical body, and the other part remains attached to the physical remains.

This is very advanced necromantic magick and the rituals must be repeated from time to time to achieve permanent results.

Because this area of magick is not well researched, I obtain guidance from the demons themselves. But soul transfer has already been done by necromancers and other spiritual teachers.

Kleppoth is a very helpful demon, because this spirit shows the instructions given by Frucissiere in dreams.



This is the seal of demon Kleppoth from Grimorium Verum.





Necromantic magick:

the unique abilities of the dead



My visions show me that the soul of a dead person is an electric field (it can expand and take any shape). The soul of a dead person can do this:

travel long distances in seconds

enter and exit people’s bodies and minds with ease

speak several languages

reveal the thoughts of other people to us

do duties that the living person did

influence the thoughts of people

enter our dreams to communicate information




Necromantic magick:

the dead want to live



The dead have unique desires and they use us as instruments for achieving their goals. My adventures in the area of necromancy started one day when I fetched a long forgotten war helmet from my store room.

I tested the spirit of the dead soldier several times. On the first test, the dead soldier went to a military base in UK and fetched a soldier for me.

The soldier wrote: “I came to protect you! Does this say anything to you?” I told the soldier that I had summoned a dead soldier and was testing his ability to protect me.

I reversed the necromantic spells and called back the events to slow down the run of life. The soldier from UK went to war and I felt relief.

But as soon as I cancelled my necromantic spells, a strange thing happened to me: I started developing feelings of compassion for the dead owner of the helmet.





My pacts with the dead soldier



I did ritual after ritual with the spirit of the dead Russian soldier. I saw visions of the dead soldier too. During each ritual the dead man was crying and our bond was becoming very strong.

Then I made pacts with the dead man and here is what I promised to him. So, with time, after several pacts for protection, the helmet took a permanent place in my bed.

As a payment for his protection, the dead man’s spirit sleeps in my bed now. When I die, I will take the dead soldier’s helmet with me into my grave. We will be together and physical death cannot part us (conditions of my pacts).

During the following months, I and the helmet were cuddling in my bed (during nights). We talked a lot about war and the hardships of his (the dead soldier’s) life. During some occasions I became sentimental and sad.

After some weeks I became obsessed with the idea of helping the dead soldier to live in a physical body once more. Long ago, I had heard about the dangers of necromancy: the spirits of the dead can literally force us to do their will.

I consulted a friend who had helped several dead people to cross over and she told me:

“Your dead soldier is very attached to the pleasures of flesh. He won’t cross over easily. I see nothing bad in transferring his spirit into a body of a male, but the process will not be easy for both of you.”

During a necromantic ritual the dead soldier was summoned once again and we were talking. I made a blood pact with the dead soldier by applying my blood to the inner part of the helmet (the leather is degraded: it has rotten away together with the scalp, skin and the brain).

I heard the spirit of the dead with my astral ears. Suddenly I caught myself replying to the soldier’s silhouette in the air in front of me “I will do my best to give you a new physical body.”





Necromantic ritual:

the role of demon Kleppoth



This is the seal of Kleppoth from Grimorium Verum.



Demon Kleppoth brings about vivid dreams. You can summon Kleppoth together with Frucissiere when you are learning necromancy on a deeper level and want to explore soul transfer.

Kleppoth will show dreams with lots of useful information. The information is given by Frucissiere. This demon can teach the only way to revive and reanimate the dead: soul transfer.



This is a necromantic ritual with Frucissiere and Kleppoth.
This is a necromantic ritual with Frucissiere and Kleppoth.



Another very important question to address is: is soul transfer an ethical magickal operation? Moreover, a target must be chosen as the donor of the physical body.

Frucissiere showed me a dream with instructions on the subject of reviving the dead. In my dream I was kissing a handsome male. I know this man in real life, but I would never dream of having any feelings for the man.

Upon awakening from my dream I was recalling what I was saying to the handsome man:

“I have missed you so much. The soul transfer is done successfully thanks to Frucissiere. Now you have a physical body and you can be together with me.

I also understand that you want to change your career, because you were a soldier in your previous life. You wanted to live in a physical body and be my love partner.

Your wish came true, because you forced me to do the soul transfer.”




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