Demon Huictiigaras: a spell for deep and rejuvenating sleep (pet care)









Demon Huictiigaras is described in the Grimoirium Verum and this is his seal.
Demon Huictiigaras is described in the Grimoirium Verum and this is his seal. He is the demon of sleep or insomnia.


Demon Huictiigaras from Grimorium Verum is not well known. Grimoirium Verum demonic magick must be approached with a little bit of caution when it comes to healing pets. This is because we as adults are responsible for the lives of these small babies.

Magick with Lucifer can make pets restless, because the energy of this demon is too intense. Lucifer can also push certain buttons in pets and make the pets very disobedient and naughty.




Grimoirium Verum: healing spells


I have been healing my Rose Breasted Cockatoo since July 2018 and I am very pleased with the results. It was demon Heramael who guided me in my healing spells on my bird.

In the video below I describe the condition of my bird and how bad it was. I also demonstrate healing spells with Heramael and Marbas.





The physical condition of my cockatoo is very good today thanks to Heramael and Marbas. All his injuries have healed, and new feathers are growing out very fast.




Grimoirium Verum: sleep spells


Rose Breasted cockatoos are prone to developing phobic behaviours (its a genetic disorder). My bird was anxious and used to wake up several times during the night.

His sleep was not deep and relaxed, and this was affecting my sleep and my working capacity. So, I decided to summon Huictiigaras together with Heramael to make the bird sleep.



Demon Heramael is described in the Grimoirium Verum and this is his seal.



During the ritual with Huictiigaras, I saw the seal of Agares. I became puzzled, but suddenly understood that Agares is willing to teach my bird more words and make him fluent in his speech.

Grimoirium Verum describes Huictiigaras as follows: Huictiigaras induces sleep in some and insomnia in others. I took a risk and decided to summon Huictiigaras to make my pet sleep.

I also summoned Heramael, because this demon heals all illness and he has been healing my bird. Of course, such spells with Huictiigaras are risky and you must be able to reverse them if your magick goes wrong (results in insomnia).




The sleep spell: ingredients


So, you will need:

feathers of fur from your pet

the seals of Huictiigaras and Heramael

oils for the seals: lavender, bergamot and mint

herbs: lavender (brings relaxation), Valerian (helps to calm down), chamomile (helps to calm down), garlic (to fight bad dreams), rosemary (for good sleep) and thyme (for relaxation)

a white candle (paint with sunflower oil and roll in chamomile)

a paper doll of your pet

a digital photo of your pet (to look at during the ritual)




Grimoirium Verum: the sleep spell…do this…



I use a feather from my bird, his paper doll, the seals of Lucifer, Huictiigaras and Heramael, and herbs.



First of all, word the spell correctly: “This spell is for the highest good of all and also for the highest good of my pet. I ask that Heramael controls this spell to ensure that my pet is safe and healthy.”

Light the candle and state that the insomnia and anxiety are now being burned away and chased away. State that the feather (fur) and the paper doll represent your pet.

Ask the demons to bring peaceful, deep and rejuvenating sleep to your pet (state these hours: from 8 in the eve and until 10 in the morning).

To state the exact hours is very important, because demon Huictiigaras is able to make animals sleep during day hours instead. If this happens, your pet will be awake during nights.

Place the feather (fur) and the paper doll of your pet on the seals of Huictiigaras and Heramael. Add the herbs and say your spell 3 times.

You may begin feeling very sleepy during the ritual (this happened to me). You can store the spell ingredients in a large vessel and repeat the spell as soon as you see positive signs.




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