Demon Dantalion & a spell to forget a lover









Demon Dantalion is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.


Demon Dantalion from Goetia can help you to forget a lover. I have done such spells on myself and the spells made me totally indifferent to the man of my interest.

After one year I lost all interest in the man of my interest. Dantalion brainwashed me gradually and very neatly into total indifference, and I started to enjoy my life to the fullest.

I love Dantalion for his unique ability to change my thoughts in any direction I desire. But thats not all. I have manipulated my Rose Breasted cockatoo to love me too.

How? I had cast love spells on the angry bird. Dantalion can change the thoughts and feelings of animals too, and without any harm to the animal.




Demon Dantalion: Goetia


Dantalion is the 71st spirit and he is ranked as a Duke. He shows up in the form of a man with many faces (all men’s and women’s faces) and he holds a book in his right hand.

Dantalion can teach you any arts and sciences and he will also declare to you the secret counsels of any person. Dantalion knows the thoughts of all men and women and he can change them as he desires.

This spirit can cause love. Finally, Dantalion rules 36 legions of spirits.

Source: Goetia




Dantalion: Daemonolatry Goetia


Dantalion can bring about feelings of compassion for others. He can teach one to become more compassionate and understanding.

Source: Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly



Demons Dantalion & Barzabel: healing phobias



Demon of Mars, Barzabel, is described in The three books of Occult philosophy by H. C Agrippa. This is the planetary talisman of Mars.



If you have been very badly hurt by your past relationship and fear entering into a new love relationship or continuing it, you can do spells to chill down your feelings.

Such magick is gradual, but it works. After a couple of months you will notice that you are becoming a bit indifferent to your lover. You cannot become hurt if you are relaxed and a bit indifferent to your lover.

Such magick is very cruel both towards your lover and you, but this is the only way to protect yourself. When your lover notices that you are relaxed and a little bit indifferent, he (or she) will become shocked, and this could lead to conflicts.

But if you have a very understanding lover, you might want to explain what kind of magick you did on yourself and why. The two demons who can help you are Barzabel and Dantalion.

I did bleach jar spells with Barzabel to slow down the events and to chill down my fearful and obsessive thinking. In fact, I did many spells with Barzabel and asked him to teach me magick to protect my heart.

Barzabel gave me the courage to start “falling out of love” with the man of my interest. Barzabel also led me to practice special affirmations to attract only the best attitude and behaviours towards me from the man.

After a while I was doing a pact with Dantalion. I asked Dantalion to protect my heart and to help me to chill down my fears. I asked: “Please protect my heart and help me to be in charge of my feelings. Help me to banish my fears”.

It is good if your lover is travelling a lot due to work while Dantalion is brainwashing you into emotional indifference. Your lover will be surprised upon return.


Demon Dantalion: the spell ingredients


If you have decided that you want to forget a lover, then these are the ingredients you will need:

a doll of yourself

the seal of Dantalion

a black candle (paint with olive oil and apply crushed bay leaves and crushed sage)

stuffing for the head cavity: mint oil, crushed mint and commanding powder

specific thoughts written upon a tiny piece of paper (stuff into the doll’s head cavity)




Do this…


Read the thoughts to your doll. Apply mint oil to the tiny piece of paper. Stuff this paper into the head cavity of the doll. Pour in commanding powder and crushed mint into the head cavity too.

Rub the doll with commanding powder and say your spell over the doll 3 times. That is it! After a couple of months you will notice that you are becoming indifferent and you will think less about your lover.

I offer you another good spell that will help you to forget your lover. You can summon Dantalion during this spell too.

Long ago I did a love spell for myself, but I panicked and started a reversal. No, I did not cast a spell on a specific person. I just asked the Universe to bring me a specific person.







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