Infernal pacts with Lucifer, Belial and Andromalius: a follow up with a client









Infernal pacts with Lucifer, Belial and Andromalius grant protection against enemies and resilience.


Infernal pacts with Lucifer, Belial and Andromalius grant protection against enemies and resilience for a business. My client found me via my website and contacted me, because her business was in ruins.

Moreover, the lady had some old business partners who turned into her enemies. The business was in ruins and she needed a bank loan too.

I told her that demon Belial and a dead banker can help her obtain a bank loan. Belial can convince the bank staff to open up their purse.




Infernal pacts: demon Clauneck



Demon Clauneck is described in the Grimoirium Verum and these are his two seals.



We started with reversing the bad money situation by doing a bleach jar spell with demon Clauneck from Grimoirium Verum. If you want to make a pact with Clauneck, go ahead and do it.

But I did a spell with demon Clauneck for my client. After I had done the spell my client wrote that she was less worried for her decreasing funds in her bank accounts.

Below I offer you the video about the bleach jar spell with demon Clauneck. If your financial situation is horrible right now, do 2 or 3 bleach jar spells per month. Full moon and the waning moon are best times for bleach spells.





When everything with regard to money starts to go wrong in life, you are in a so called negative spiral of loss. To protect yourself from more loss, it is very important to distract yourself from the problem.

If your finances are flourishing, but you want more money, a pact with Lucifer and Belial is for you. Belial can help you to obtain promotions at your work, because he grants good reputation and high titles.




Infernal pacts: demon Bune



Demon Bune is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



I did a money spell with demon Bune from Goetia for my client. A pact with Bune can be done too, but I reserve pacts for the most powerful demons like Lucifer, Lucifuge Rofocale, Mephistophilis and Belial.

After two months the lady reported that the money started to pour in. The money poured in slowly, but she was very happy to see the very first improvements to her declining finances.

Below I offer you a money spell with Bune. Unfortunately, one client was very sensitive to my Witch powers, because his nervous system was very fragile.

The client was a very young man. He reported very scary out of body experiences. During these nightmarish flights he was pulled into the Bune money bag. Now I have a troubleshooting manual on demonic magick for you.








Infernal pacts: Lucifer, Belial & Andromalius



Demon Andromalius is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



The 72nd spirit of Goetia is Andromalius. His office is to catch and bring back a thief along with the goods that were stolen.

Andromalius can discover all wickedness and dishonest intentions in people who enter your life. His duties are also to punish all evil people and thieves.

Source: the Goetia




Demon Andromalius: a testimonial


Dear Bonnie,


I should like with this e-mail to tell you the story of my sister. I had ordered for her the spell with Belial and Andromalius. The purpose of the spell was the following:

My sister some years ago divorced with her husband. The court decided an alimony of 300 Euro.

In the beginning for some months her husband paid the alimony, but later he stopped with the excuse that his work was in crisis, etc.

He always tried to escape from paying the alimony with many excuses. After you did the spell with the doll employing the demons Belial and Andromalius (I think the spell was done in October 2018), on the 10th of January 2019 suddenly the man made a deposit of 3600 Euro in my sister’s account, which is equal of 300 times 12 = 3600 Euro.

So, he payed for the whole year 2018. I think this was unbelievable as he is so selfish and egotic character and never wanted to give money for his children and ex wife. And suddenly he changed.

I should like to thank with this e-mail the demons Belial and Andromalius, and of course dear Bonnie for her best assistance and help.


Thanks for all,

Dimitris from Greece.


Demon Belial: Goetia


Belial distributes Presentations and Senatorships, and he also gives good familiars. This demon grants favours of friends and enemies.

Demon Belial must have offerings and gifts from the practitioner. If offerings and gifts are not given to Belial, he will not give true answers and deceive the practitioner.

Source: Goetia



So I forged a pact with Lucifer, Belial and Andromalius for my client. The lady composed three separate petitions to each demon and sent them to me.

Lucifer was asked to repair her declining finances, Belial was asked to help with obtaining a bank loan to drive the business forward, and Andromalius was asked to keep enemies at bay.

Because I forge pacts, I become involved too. The demons come to my place and fetch me when my client needs help. My client’s life is very complex and she has many enemies who want to see her leave the business.

More protection spells were needed and the demons came to my place. They made me think about my client in an obsessive way and I took contact with the lady. She told me that she was also thinking about me all days long.

I instructed her and told her what needs to be done with regard to her enemies. She did the invisibility spell with demon Bael from Goetia. See below.





A similar spell can be done, but this time with Belial and Andromalius. If you have very blood thirsty enemies who plan your death, I suggest that you summon Belial, Andromalius and dead soldiers too.

The pacts I forge on behalf of clients run during 5 years. This is a very realistic time frame to see real changes like going from miserable poverty towards becoming a wealthy person.

But of course, the hard work is done by the client. The demons give ideas, instructions and push into correct action, but they will not do the hard work.



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