Aldebaran, the Royal Star of money and riches: a money spell









Aldebaran is the Royal Star of money and riches. This is the seal of the Aldebaran spirit.



Aldebaran is the Royal Star of money and riches. This fixed star and its spirit are described in the Three books of Occult philosophy (H. C Agrippa).

Money magick with the spirit of Aldebaran is very popular, but do not expect to become very rich right away. Your life will begin changing to the better very fast.

The seal you see above belongs to the spirit of Aldebaran. This fixed star is located at 9 degrees of Gemini. If you want to do a money spell with the spirit of this star, choose a suitable day when the moon is waxing or full and also in conjunction with Aldebaran.

Magick with the spirits of the fixed stars is more complex, because you will have to consider several factors:

a good position of the moon in the sky

a good zodiac sign for the moon

moon in conjunction with Aldebaran

lunar mansions (Picatrix magick)

Magick with the demon of Algol stars (Medusa) is more complex, because of the frequent Algol eclipses. You have to be sure to choose a time when Algol is rising (head of Algol) and not diminishing (tail of Algol).




Aldebaran: a money spell



This is the Aldebaran talisman. You can draw your talisman on paper.



There are special correspondences for magick with the spirit of this fixed star and these are such:

Gem: Ruby

Quality of the star: Mars/Venus

Herb: Milky thistle

I did not have milky thistle and I used traditional herbs of money magick: cinnamon sticks, a whole nutmeg, dried roses (because roses are expensive). I also used coins, Tiger Eye gems and quarts crystals.

On top of all this I used money powder. The money powder is made in a simple manner: 2 parts powdered cinnamon,1 part powdered nutmeg and 2 gold rings. The gold rings are stored together with the money powder.




The ingredients


So, you will need the following:

the seal of Aldebaran

a white candle (paint with olive oil and powder with money powder)

cinnamon sticks

a whole nutmeg

dried roses (expensive ones)


Tiger Eye gems

quarts gems




Evocation: Aldebaran


“Spirit of Aldebaran, please come to me. Be present here during my rite. I call you this night, because I need your help. I have a goal in life: I want to become well off. Please help me to earn my wealth.”




Ritual work



Rituals with the spirit of Aldebaran have to be repeated just as you would do rituals with demon Bune from Goetia. At the end of the ritual, you must thank the spirit and give it permission to depart.




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