Astrological magick: the Fixed stars and their correspondences


This is the sigil of the demon of the Algol stars (Medusa).



Below you will find a chart with correspondences for magick with the spirits of the fixed stars. I find such charts very helpful and I have constructed a chart for myself (for magickal use), because I am into astrological magick.

I took the information from a wonderful website: The astral magick school. Krasi Attasio hosts The astral magick school website and she is very experienced in astrological magick.

I visited Krasi’s websites and also watched her videos when I was learning how to do magick with Medusa (the Head of Algol).

I also frequented Christopher Warnock on his websites and on his Youtube. Christopher has a wonderful video about the Medusa talisman on his Youtube.

At last, I figured out how and when to summon Medusa and did the ritual. The ritual with Medusa caused me problems with my internet, exactly as it was written/ said by Christopher Warnock (on his website and Youtube).



Royal star Position Function Gem Quality Herb
Aldebaran 9 Gemini Riches/Money Ruby Mars/Venus Milky thistle
Pleades 0 Gemini For good eyesight Rock crystal Moon/Mars Fennel
Summon demons Frankincense
Summon the dead
Raise storms
Hack secrets
Find lost objects
Algol 26 Taurus Vengeance Diamond Jupiter/ Saturn Black hellebore
Protection Wormwood
Capella 22 Gemini Rich friends Yellow sapphire Jupiter/ Saturn Horehound
Money mint
Success wormwood
Heals toothache mandrake
Sirius 14 Cancer Favours from people Beryl Mars/Jupiter Savine Juniper
Peace between man and woman Aquamarine Wormwood
Procyon 25 Cancer Witch power Agate Mars/Mercury Heliotrope
Health Pennyroyal
Regulus 0 Virgo Heals anger and grief Granite Jupiter/Mars Celandine
Favours Wormwood
Algorath 10 Libra Causes nightmares Black onyx Saturn/Mars Burdock
Protects against demons
Spica 24 Libra Gain of riches Emerald Venus/Mercury Sage
Victory in court cases Periwinkle
Arcturus 24 Libra Stops bleeding Jasper Venus/Jupiter Plantain
Chills down fever
Alkaid 27 Virgo Against bewitchment Magnet Venus/Moon Chicory
Safe travels Wormwood
Alphecca 12 Scorpio Friendships Yellow topaz Venus/Mercury Rosemary
Antares 10 Sagittarius Wisdom Amethyst Mars/Jupiter Birthwort
Good memory Sardonyx Yew
Vega 15 Capricorn Banishes fears Chrysolite Venus/Mercury Savory
Deneb Algedi 23 Aquarius Gain of riches Chalsedony Saturn/Mercury Marjoram
Win court cases