Necromantic and demonic magick: pacts with soldiers and demons









Necromantic and demonic magick are two very compatible forms of magick.



Necromantic magick can be combined with demonic magick in endless ways, depending upon your needs. Demon Belial is a very powerful demon and he can assist you in necromantic magick.

But before we go further in our exploration of pacts, I want to introduce you to Belial. By the way, Belial is a macho demon and a woman under his patronage will become very brave.




Demon Belial: Goetia


Belial distributes Presentations and Senatorships, and he also gives good familiars. This demon grants favours of friends and enemies.

Demon Belial must have offerings and gifts from the practitioner. If offerings and gifts are not given to Belial, he will not give true answers and deceive the practitioner.

Source: Goetia




Pacts with soldiers & demons



Necromantic magick can be done with the aid of the necromancy demons of Goetia
Necromantic magick can be combined with demonic magick. There are no limits.



There are several spirits that are compatible with Belial: Lucifer, Andromalius, dead soldiers and dead bankers. You can make one single pact with these 5 entities for the purpose of the attainment of a large bank loan and protection from enemies.

Belial and the dead banker can convince the bank staff to give you a loan, of course if most of the requirements are met, but the bank is still refusing you the loan.

A pact with Lucifer is made for the attainment of money, but there is a warning in the Grimoirium Verum about pacts with Lucifer.

Andromalius will protect you from enemies and thwart their efforts to harm your financial interests. The dead soldier will be your bodyguard and protect you.

Such a pact does not guarantee that you will be given a loan, but it increases the chances of success. Why do people make such pacts?

My clients are willing to take very high risks to make money (because they are in debt). The demons offer support and if things go well, such a pact will help to generate money.




Pacts: a warning



These are the seals of Lucifer and Clauneck from Grimoirium Verum.



“In the first part of Grimoirium Verum are contained various seals and instructions for invoking the Devils, to make them come and bring whatever you ask them to bring.

These sorts of creatures do not give anything for nothing. Spirits do not give you their services for free. They always want some payment.

The spirits serve only their intimate friends. There are two kinds of pacts: the tacit (a silent pact) and the apparent (worded pact).

There are different types of spirits: some are good and some are bad. When you make a pact and have to give something to the spirit (something that belongs to you), you have to be careful.”

Source: Grimoirium Verum




Demon Andromalius



Demon Andromalius is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



The 72nd spirit of Goetia is Andromalius. His office is to catch and bring back a thief along with the goods that were stolen.

Andromalius can discover all wickedness and dishonest intentions in people who enter your life. His duties are also to punish all evil people and thieves.

Source: the Goetia

Andromalius is a good demon for you if you have competitors who want to destroy your wealth. Andromalius will watch over all your financial operations and he is a safe demon for you.




Demon Surgat: dissolves obstacles



Demon Surgat is described in the Grimoirium Verum and this is his seal.



Sometimes financial affairs get stuck and you cannot push through no matter how hard you try. Demon Surgat may help, because he dissolves away obstacles. Surgat is under Lucifer of course.

But as I said, the demons of Grimoirium Verum have to be taken more seriously than the demons of Goetia. I am not saying that the demons of Goetia are angels, on the contrary, they can show their bitch side in unlucky cases (Focalor).

But the demons of Grimoirium Verum want “more” payment from the Witch. It is very important to have a very close bond with Lucifer, but the Witch will pay to Lucifer. This spirit does not offer any help for free.




Pacts: conclusion

You can make pacts both with the dead and the demons. Of course, payments to the dead and to the demons must be done with respect.

Working with the dead means frequent injuries for me, because the spirits of the dead want my blood all the time. So, as I said before: no pain, no gain!

I am often asked: how do demons help you when you make pacts with them? I say: “The demons support and arrange the most suitable circumstances, give inspiration for the most wise action and also give the drive and courage to live the life of our dreams.”



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