The shocking dangers of necromancy and necromantic magick


Necromantic magick is a very powerful form of magick and it can cause undesirable manifestations that must be reversed.
Necromantic magick is a very powerful form of magick and it can cause undesirable manifestations that must be reversed.



Necromantic magick is a very powerful form of magick and it can cause undesirable manifestations that must be reversed. This post contains  input from several women (in the comments below).




My loyal dead soldier


The man is dead since long ago, but I use his helmet whenever I have need to summon him and send him off to do duties for me. The dead soldier is very loyal.

He will go to extremes to protect me and he has proven this many times. I mourn his death deeply and we both are in love with each other.

But one soldier is not enough to employ and I have an army of soldiers who work for me. When I was testing how other soldiers perform their duties, things went wrong.

The soldiers put me into a very difficult situation and I almost fell in love with a real soldier. Read on…




Shocking outcomes


My necromantic magick with several dead soldiers caused a real soldier to appear in my life. I was shocked and I understood that I must reverse the original necromantic spell.

In my original spell, I ordered the dead soldiers: “Give me a sign that you are able to protect me!” Within 1,5 months the dead soldiers introduced me to a real soldier.

Why would a real soldier want to protect a woman for free? Hmm…you guessed! Dead soldiers are robots and they order the mind to think certain thoughts and the pull of the spell became very strong.

The spell caused me lots of fear and uncomfortable emotions and I decided to put this issue with the real soldier on standby. In the mean time I was desperately trying to reverse the original necromantic spell to stop the pull of the spell.

The truth is this, that the dead can hijack the mind of people and force them to fall in love with each other, and dead soldiers are very good at this task, because they are robots, they obey orders and give orders to people.

I began reversing the original necromantic spell with the help of demon Barzabel. Still this was not enough to make me stop my obsessive thought pattern, fear and uncomfortable emotions.

I was running around in panic, because my emotions were really uncomfortable. Then I decided to do bleach jars with Lucifer each day to bring relief to myself.

I also understood that the dead soldiers are literally forcing me to fall in love with the soldier, because then the dead soldiers would prove to me that they are able to protect me.

Next, I summoned those several dead soldiers and asked them to help me stop the original necromantic spell. I said: “Thank you for the sign, I now know that you can protect me, but please stop torturing me and do not force me to do things I cannot do!”

I did reversal spells with bleach to stop or at least to slow down the flow of events.




The Kabbalistic demon Barzabel



This is the planetary talisman of Mars. Barzabel can help you to stand strong and become sober from the pangs of love.



Barzabel is my favourite demon. A while ago, when I was still doing research on Barzabel, people were telling me that Barzabel will make me violent or even worse: cause undesired manifestations in my home.

I tend to easily fall in love with my favourite demons, and Barzabel has taught me so much about warfare. Today, I am on very good terms with the most dangerous dead soldiers.

These soldiers have proven that they will protect me and slay anyone if there will be a need. Moreover, Barzabel taught me how to summon Medusa (the head of Algol).

If your Mars is in a good position in your natal chart, you can do magick with Barzabel, and you will end up being protected by the most deadliest soldiers.




Bleach jars with Barzabel



Here you will find more about Barzabel: bleach jars & reversal magick.

Sometimes it is very undesirable to feel certain emotions like fear, attraction to a new love partner, weakness and hesitation. This condition is called for confusion and fear. If you feel that your feelings are overwhelming you and you are losing control of your life, you can ask Barzabel to help you.

Barzabel is the best partner for a woman who needs to focus her life on her career instead of on love. Love comes and goes and it is not worth to invest emotional energy into it, but it is a woman’s duty to provide herself with a good supply of money for survival.

Barzabel teaches the art of constructing boundaries with people and you will become very decisive. This demon will blow clean your mind of all romantic rubbish and help you to focus on work and money.

Simply write down all issues you want to banish or reverse and ask Barzabel to help you to stand strong. Chop this piece of paper and place into a glass jar. Add bleach. That is it.

Observe that Mars must be direct and also fortunate when you do spells with Barzabel. Mars must be good in your natal chart too.








Question: Can you suggest who else would be used for reversal/banishment I could work closely with please?


My answer: Well, if you have such multiple pacts going on with Lucifer, Lucifuge Rofocale, Mephistophilis and you have a deal with them that they will protect you in exchange for something. You can do reversal spells while they watch.

And it is also very important to start running away fast, distancing fast, and also to focus on work even if the mind resists.




Comment: Just what I need since the side of relationships has been very bad with me just wear me out. Love it !😊


My comment 1: Time and emotional well being is equal to money. When we are happy, we have the potential to attract good health, good friends, money and success.

Its when love goes wrong, we get depressed and then trouble begins with everything: and money especially. So many clients say: I had a nasty break up with my woman 8 years ago and was depressed, then I lost my job, etc and it became worse and worse.

My comment 2: Never allow a relationship to drive you into such a condition. If you see the first two signs that a relationship is not working, just stop it.

The further you go into a relationship, the more sorrow and depression you will experience. Do spells to lift up your depression (sugar jars) and aim for a new life.

You can tell your partner in a very polite way: I see that our relationship does not work right now, I need a pause and I want to rest, go on vacation, etc.

Sometimes though, when a relationship does not work there are very deep issues and you cannot deal with them alone. A therapist or family therapy can help, but not all people want to go through this.

Because if we go to a psychologist people may say that: “hey, they are KUKU if they need a psychologist.” If somebody needs a therapist then people say: “they are most probably 3 times KUKU by now.”

My comment 3: That is the problem of many women: the love life does not work. It is because we attract all sorts of men into our lives and accept them as our partners.

What a waste of time. It is a clever strategy to form multiple pacts with demons and ask them to protect you from love that hurts and to allow only one single man who will never hurt you.

And you will have to wait for such a man until he comes into your life. It may take many years for him to find you, but it is worth waiting.




Comment: well hurt is inevitable part of growth and transformation the point is to keep on being flexible and of course not under the price of too much dysfunctional, so yes she is the Boss show em whats real power silently 😉  love and support to y’all women! Rise up!


My comment: I don’t want to experience pain once more. I avoid pain and any situations that cause pain. So I have set up very high protection with multiple demonic pacts. Its a mesh of multiple pacts. Only one man will able to pass through this narrow tunnel of pacts.




Comment: I feel the same way Bonnie.


My comment: Few women and women stay in long relationships. I was a fool when I was a young woman: I thought love would last until death.

But it is not so in real life. I knew a woman long ago and she met a man, and she was showing me pictures of them together, and she was very happy.

I thought for myself: how does she have the courage to go into a relationship, what if it wont work? Then she will experience discomfort and suffering.

And sure, after 6 months he left her. She was depressed during many years after this toxic love. So tell me people, what is the point with love?




Comment: I’m almost always single and that is why. Too much dysfunction and toxicity. Not all, but a lot of men want someone beneath them. They want someone to submit. Many tried mind games with me, or they to make me feel insecure. Life is better and more harmonious alone.

Unless someone comes and betters my life, I won’t bother with them. Who voluntarily opens their life to strife and complications?


My comment: Belial is a great demon and he can fix trouble. If a woman is a close friend of Belial, she does not need a man to fix the trouble.

Dead soldiers are also good allies for protection, sending them to troublemakers in high positions to fix the signatures and all the paper work under threat.

And Lucifer is great too, he does not like other men around a woman. So, basically, life can be fixed, the demons will help.


Comment: Belial is already a patron of mine, and I work a lot with Lucifer. I have noticed they have helped me a lot with men. They’ve pushed a lot of toxic people out of my life.


My comment: Toxic relationships and dominant men with whips are not for me. I will be in charge and the man will obey. If we are equals and can find a compromise, it will be okay to live together. But I hate dominant men who do not listen to my wishes and just say: you are woman, know your place in the kitchen and with kids. A man must accept a woman like his equal.

My comment: Many women are single, because really there is too much toxic stuff in relationships. It all has roots in our childhoods. The childhood is a blue print of our destiny. Sometimes, I see dysfunctional families and they create kids one after another. I think for myself that they should not do so, because their children will suffer while they see their dad beat their mother, drink alcohol, etc.


Comment: So true 😪 I am childless by choice. I never wanted to raise kids alone, and I never found a man who would be a good father, friend, and husband to raise them with.


My comment: Well kids are a great responsibility and they should not be created just because people cannot have safe sex. It is the responsibility of two adults to plan ahead into the future and kind of see a picture of the future: if they can guarantee a harmonious childhood for the children or not. And not all people need to have kids, life is so busy that kids get stressed out, relationships are ruined because of stress. And what is the point of having kids, if love between a mother and father is not forever?


Comment: the term is wrongly used if i must correct u dear Bonnie. dominant men arent toxic, they cooperate understanding and listen empathise.. the term is literally a normie toxic type who haven’t got in touch with himself or his feminine side which is essential for fully developed masculine role. i disagree that childhood is a blueprint we can choose to develop and be free from such things.but when u see it, they are rare men individuals who really know what are healthy functional relationship dynamics.


My comment: Some relationships are codependent and very unhealthy, lots of suffering in such unions, and therapy for both is the only solution. You see the rise of problems in a population after major wars, because people are so traumatised after a war, and there is an sharp need to increase the population: the result? Traumatised offspring. The offspring is traumatised generation after generation, because there is a genetic memory of stress in the cells. Its like a program. And other relationships are pairs of dominant men and soft women. Also very unhealthy and lots of suffering for the soft woman with this type of man (in bed and in life too). A dominant male wants revenge on his mother, but his wife suffers instead. Very toxic union. And there is the opposite of this when the women chooses a young soft male as a partner. He is her child and there is mutual respect and lots of love in such a child male and mother female union. Yes, such healthy males who can maintain healthy loving relationships and be loyal to their females are very rare these days. Its also a product of a culture and the norms of the society change. I have great compassion for gay and lesbian people, but other people think they are strange.




Comment: I believe that so I have decided that until I can afford to pay for some hypnosis to change why I keep attracting men that use, hurt n abuse me I choose to be single there has to be a solution to this problem.


My comment: You have to make many pacts with Lucifer and Lucifuge Rofocale and ask them to protect you from love that hurts. This means that no man will ever be able to approach you, because the demons will never allow this to happen. You will belong to the demons, not to human love partners. And demons can be bitches if you are not loyal to them.


Comment: Hmmm interesting.


Comment: ha ha, I have noticed this. I am almost never asked out on a date these days, and the ones who do try, I find very easy to turn down. Even men whom I’ve pyned over the deamons are removing this feeling and I no longer have feelings for those men.


My comment: I would agree to start a relationship with a man whom I liked and who liked me only under one condition: if there was some law that could guarantee that the man would love me until death and never hurt me again.


Comment: I just need to find a nice guy. Almost all of the men I’ve dated in the past few years started out normal then their controlling, manipulative, lying behaviour started coming out. I block and asked for protection from these types. Then suddenly my dating life dropped. 😂 Which is a good thing. For the longest time married men were drawn to me and they always lied about being married.


My comment: I did lots of magick with Hagith, the Olympic spirit, and this spirit helped me to understand why I was drawn to some married men. I loved my father a lot, and did not like that he was married. I even disliked my mother and was jealous. As I understood this, I am no longer drawn to married men. I would not bother with them, because there will be lots of back and forth running between the wife and me, etc. I don’t need such drama. And I cannot accept a divorced man with kids into my abodes: its raw satanism, offerings of raw meet and blood on the altar. You know all Swedish men are atheists, so they would not like their children observe all these rituals. And I dont want to see kids in my surroundings, too much chatter, I hate noise. I want a man who does not want kids, is clean, young or middle age does not matter. If he is much younger, its okay for me (I will enjoy good sex), but if he is in a career its not good for him, lots of stigma, and they can even bully at work. I do creative visualisations often and imagine myself living together with a man. Lets see if all this will come true.


Comment: No, married men are drawn to me. No the other way around. I prefer single men!


My comment: Single is best, without kids with another woman. Maybe some women would accept thats kids run around in the home, but I wont allow them to run among my altars and offerings.




Comment: I love and find your stories very inspiring and brave! about Hagith, do you think this spirit can guarantee me a protection and to wards me off narcissists and dumb men with a blocked throat cakra? what do u suggest in the petition to be?


My comment: Hagith helps in matters of love and also with weight loss. You can petition: please help me to upgrade my appearance, lose weight, help me to become confident and pretty, give me the most beautiful face that will match my inner spirit, and protect me from love that hurts. For protection in issues of love I find the dead soldiers very effective. Dead soldiers are robots, and they hijack the mind and either force you to fall in love with the one who will protect you (a soldier) or work hard to run away from the one who will protect you (the soldier). You can also work on yourself for protection in issues of love with Barzabel.


Comment: According to your richer experience, what do u think why do narcissist are attracted to me either them or men with extremely blocked throat cakra? Or maybe the reality check is that the majority of men are like that. 


My comment: Well, I do not know 🙂 This is a very difficult question. You have to write your beliefs about love on a sheet of paper like what you would do for the one whom you love, how much shit and emotional pain would you tolerate, when and how you could begin establishing healthy boundaries (like when he begins screaming and you scream in response), is it okay for a man to make you cry (probably not okay at all), etc. And you have to do spells and state that I will not attract these sorts of men to me. Then make another list with the desired qualities in a love partner and do spells with this list. Also practice daily affirmations for love: like I attract healthy love to me, I am respected and loved, etc. But all this cannot guarantee a safe love relationship, because we who have been wounded by love before, will have constant “issues” that float up to the surface of the subconscious mind. And it is very difficult to attract a perfect match in love, it happens once in a lifetime perhaps, all other partners are just temporary visitors. This is my experience. I had one great and long love in my life and that is it. And the question is: when will the second greatest and long love come? We never know this, this is written in our destiny.




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