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Demon of Mars, Barzabel, is described in The three books of Occult philosophy by H. C Agrippa. This is the planetary talisman of Mars.



Demon of Mars, Barzabel, is described in two books: The three books of Occult philosophy (H. C Agrippa) and the Golden Dawn. Barzabel is my favourite demon and he has supported me enormously.

We will look at the description of Barzabel a bit later as you read this post. But first lets talk about some painful life situations that may call for the help of Barzabel.




Barzabel: he gives the raw energy of Mars



Barzabel is an alien spirit from planet Mars. I love and adore this macho demon.



Sometimes it is very undesirable to feel certain emotions like fear, attraction to a new love partner, weakness and hesitation. This condition is called for confusion and fear.

If you feel that your feelings are overwhelming you and you are losing control of your life, you can ask Barzabel to help you.

Barzabel is the best partner for a woman who needs to focus her life on her career instead of on love. Love comes and goes and it is not worth to invest emotional energy into it, but it is a woman’s duty to provide herself with a good supply of money for survival.

Barzabel teaches the art of constructing boundaries with people and you will become very decisive. This demon will blow clean your mind of all romantic rubbish and help you to focus on work and money.

I also highly advice to summon several soldiers and order them to help you to forget about your lover. Soldiers are your best allies in love magick (because they order to fall in love) and spells to pull you out of depressions (they order the mind to focus).

Warning: magick with soldiers can be dangerous, because they are robots. Never summon soldiers without knowing who you are dealing with.

Baneful magick with the intention of inflicting injuries to the target with the aid of soldiers is very dangerous, because if the spell chooses to backfire, you will not be able to stop the soldiers from harming you, because they will come with real guns when the spell comes true.




Barzabel & dead soldiers:

reversal magick


Tempted to fall in love with a new love partner? Cannot resist the pull of a necromantic spell? Necromantic magick is very powerful and dangerous too.

If you feel that your necromantic magick is taking you into a disastrous love affair, you must resist and do magick with Barzabel and also with the dead soldiers (reversals).

Dead soldiers are wonderful allies and if they are your closest friends, they will step in and help you to stop your attraction to a new love partner.

You can summon Barzabel during one ritual and do a bleach jar. During the next ritual you should call upon several dead soldiers and do another bleach jar and ask the soldiers to take your thoughts under their control.

The pull of the original spell will slow down and you will regain control very fast. The soldiers and Barzabel will force you to work very hard and they will focus your thoughts on your job.




Barzabel: the bleach jar



You will need:

the seals of Mars, Barzabel and Graphiel

a black candle (paint with olive oil and apply crushed bay leaf and crushed sage)

oil for the Martian seals: bergamot

a glass jar with a lock


Summon Barzabel and Graphiel. Explain the issue. Write down all issues you want to banish or reverse and ask Barzabel to help you to stand strong. Chop this piece of paper and place into a glass jar. Add bleach. That is it.

Observe that Mars must be direct and also fortunate when you do spells with Barzabel. Mars must be good in your natal chart too.





The planetary talisman of Mars



Demon of Mars, Barzabel, is described in The three books of Occult philosophy by H. C Agrippa. This is the planetary talisman of Mars.



There is a good description of the planetary talisman of Mars in the Magus by Francis Barrett:

“The third table belongs to Mars, which is made of a square of five, containing twenty-five numbers, and of these, in every side and diameter, five, which makes sixty-five, and the sum of all is three hundred and twenty-five.

And there are over it divine names with an intelligence to good, and a spirit to evil, and out of it is drawn the characters of Mars and of his spirits.

These, with Mars fortunate, being engraven on an iron plate, or sword, makes a man potent in war and judgement, and petitions, and terrible to his enemies, and victorious over them.

And if engraven upon the stone correola, it stops blood, and the menstrues. But if it be engraven, with Mars being unfortunate, on a plate of red brass, it prevents and hinders buildings – it casts down the powerful from dignities, honours, and riches – causes discord and hatred amongst men and beasts – drives away bees, pigeons, and fish – and hinders mills from working, i. e. binds them.

It likewise renders fighters and hunters unfortunate – causes barrenness in men and women – and strikes a terror into our enemies, and compels them to submit.”




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