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Wealth magick is a very popular subject. Demon Bune can help to manifest money. This is his seal.


Wealth magick is a very hot subject in today’s world. In this post I am going to describe the methods I used for manifesting my wealth. Therefore this post will contain lots of information.

Besides practising Witchcraft, I practise Feng Shui and reinforce my efforts with daily affirmations. If you want the money to flow to you, you must begin reprogramming your subconscious mind with affirmations.

Below I offer you a one hour long tape with affirmations for manifesting wealth. Listen to these affirmations each evening before going to bed.







The most powerful demon: Lucifer



So lets begin with the most powerful demon for manifesting wealth. This demon is Lucifer, also called for the Devil, and he can make you really rich if you make a sacrifice of something very valuable.


Demon Lucifer is described in the Grimoirium Verum and this is his seal.


I cannot disclose the type of sacrifice I made to Lucifer and other two demons, but most people will never sacrifice such valuable things to demons. Note that I did not sacrifice animals, my pets, other humans or babies, my life or my soul to Lucifer and to two other demons.

After I made the pact with Lucifer, Lucifuge Rofocale and Mephistophilis, and the sacrifice was gladly accepted by the demons, money started to appear from everywhere all the time.




Grimoirium Verum: a warning about pacts



Demons Lucifer and Clauneck are described in the Grimoirium Verum and these are their seals.



“In the first part of Grimoirium Verum are contained various seals and instructions for invoking the Devils, to make them come and bring whatever you ask them to bring.

These sorts of creatures do not give anything for nothing. Spirits do not give you their services for free. They always want some payment.

The spirits serve only their intimate friends. There are two kinds of pacts: the tacit (a silent pact) and the apparent (worded pact).

There are different types of spirits: some are good and some are bad. When you make a pact and have to give something to the spirit (something that belongs to you), you have to be careful.”

Source: Grimoirium Verum




What do the demons want as payment?



What should you offer to Lucifer as payment for his help? You can promise to make regular offerings to Lucifer. But note that the offerings you make to Lucifer must be really luxurious and to his liking.

I also heard that if you sacrifice dead animals, the demons will gladly accept such gifts and they will be more willing to help you. But I cannot sacrifice dead animals, because I am in other pacts with other demons: I am expected to protect and to heal animals.

People have asked me: “Will the demons agree to help me to become rich if I give up my addiction as payment for their services?”

I said: “I really do not know.”

Think like this: would you help me if I asked you to do me a favour on the condition that I will stop smoking? No.

But what if I promised you delicious food, luxury quality tobacco, champagne and burnt money? The burnt money is a sacrifice. You would get paid each full moon.

Would you help me if you were a demon? Yes.




Demon Bune: he can make you rich



Demon Bune is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.


“Bune or sometimes also called for Bime, is the 26th spirit of Goetia. He is ranked as a Duke. Bune appears in the form of a dragon with three heads.

His first head is that of a dog, the second is like of a Gryphon, and the third head is that of a man. Bune speaks with a high and calm voice.

This spirit changes the place of the spirits of the dead people, and causes the spirits under his command to gather upon your grave.

Bune makes people rich and wise. He is trustworthy and gives true answers unto your demands. Bune commands 30 legions of spirits and he has two seals.”

Source: Goetia


Demon Bune: a necromancy demon


Bune can open up a source of income for you. This demon can help you to become wealthier than you are today if you do regular money spells and work hard. You can make money pacts with Bune.

Demon Bune can also help you to lift up the fog of financial curses. Below I offer you a video that will show you how to get rid of financial curses.





Bune is also a demon of necromancy and he can assist you in necromantic magick. This demon and also demon Murmur teach necromancy and they can introduce you to suitable contacts among the dead.




Demon Clauneck: Grimoirium Verum


Demon Clauneck has two seals. Both seals are found in the Grimoirium Verum.


Demon Clauneck penetrates your subconscious mind and forces you to work very hard and in an obsessive way. I have skipped 8 hours sleep during many days in a row until I was near a collapse.

My obsession with my work was mad. You can do bleach jar spells with Clauneck and this magick is described in my post: Demon Clauneck from Grimoirium Verum and how he can help you.




The wealth magick of Arbatel


The magick of Arbatel is also very potent. There are several spirits in the Arbatel and they specialise in financial magick. These spirits are:




The Olympic spirit Bethor is described in the Arbatel and this is his seal.




“Bethor is in charge of all things that have a connection to the planet Jupiter. He can raise you to very high dignities and helps to increase earnings.

Bethor unites the spirits of Air in such a way that they give true answers unto your demands: they transport precious gems from place to place and they also give the knowledge of natural cures and medicines, and their effects on health.

Bethor gives very good Familiar spirits and he can prolong your life to 700 years if it is the will of God.”

Source: Arbatel De magia veterum





The Olympic spirit Och is described in the Arbatel and this is his seal.


Och is a solar spirit and he is in charge of all issues connected to the planet Sun. He can prolong human life upto 600 years and he can also teach the magician such magick that results in perfect health.

Och makes people wise and he also teaches medical arts. Och gives very good Familiar spirits and he makes people successful and rich.

Source: Arbatel De magia veterum




The Olympic spirit Aratron is described in the Arbatel and this is his seal.


The Olympic spirit Aratron is in charge of those life issues that are connected to the planet Saturn. He can convert any thing into a stone very fast, either animal or plant, retaining the same object to the sight.

Aratron can help you to obtain things of more value for your money. He can ruin a business or make a business very successful and prosperous.

Aratron also gives very good Familiar spirits and he also teaches magick. He can protect you from your enemies by making you go invisible.

Aratron can also help to conceive a child and he gives a long life.

Source: Arbatel De magia veterum




Feng Shui



This is the Feng Shui Bagua map.
Feng Shui and its application for wealth is a broad subject. This is the bagua map of your home.


I practice Feng Shui too. Follow the link ahead to read my post about Feng Shui for wealth. You can combine money spells, daily money affirmations and Feng Shui to improve your income.

Our homes are astral maps of our lives. What we see around us in our homes is what we create in our lives. Feng Shui is the subconscious language of symbols.


Feng Shui: the subconscious meaning of symbols


Our subconscious mind is way too smart and labels everything we see and think. When we see dirt and clutter in our homes, the subconscious mind immediately draws fast conclusions:

“Clutter and dirt are equal to obstacles, and that is why, I will create problems and obstacles for you!”

The first step towards manifesting money is to get rid of dirt and clutter, and to clean the home. After this you can begin looking into the design of the various bagua sectors and begin redesigning your home.




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