Demon Stolas from Goetia and how he can help you









Demon Stolas is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.


Demon Stolas is described in the Goetia, in the Pseudomonarchia Daemonum, in The Discoverie of Witchcraft and in a few other old Occult books.

Below you will find useful information about Stolas and hopefully this information will help you to summon Stolas.




Demon Stolas: Goetia


Stolas is the 36th spirit and he is ranked as a Prince. He appears at first in the shape of a large raven, but he can take on human shape too.

Stolas teaches astronomy and helps you to discover the properties of herbs and gems. Stolas commands 26 legions of spirits.

Source: Goetia




Stolas: Pseudomonarchia Daemonum


Stolas is a prince and he shows up in the form of a raven. Later he takes on human shape. Stolas teaches astronomy and helps you to know the properties of herbs and gems.

This spirit rules 26 legions of lesser spirits.

Source: Johann Weyer, Pseudomonarchia Daemonum




Stolas: Daemonolatry Goetia


Summon Stolas if you want to learn Witchcraft or if you desire to learn science (biology, botany, geology, etc).

Source: Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly




Similar demons


Sustugriel from Grimoirium Verum can teach you any magick if you are a beginner student. Sustugriel can teach you more advanced magick if you are an advanced practitioner. Sustugriel taught me how to summon the spirits of the Arbatel.

Astaroth taught me magick with the planetary talismans. These talismans are described in the Golden Dawn and also in the Three books of Occult philosophy.

Samigina taught me the magick of Kabbalah very fast: he taught me the Hebrew alphabet, rituals, the theory of White and Black Kabbalah, how to draw seals and how to summon both angels and demons. Samigina introduced me to a magickal order in Stockholm too.

Asmoday teaches technical stuff like code and software. Summon Asmoday together with Amaymon during one and the same ritual.




Stolas: when to summon him?



This is the Tree of Life.
The shell of Sephira Chesed is called Gamchicoth. The Princes and Prelates of Goetia come from Gamchicoth. This shell is ruled by the planet Jupiter.


So, first, lets note that Stolas is a Prince. Take a look at the Princes and Prelates of the Goetia and you will discover Stolas among those spirits.

The Princes and Prelates of Goetia, including Stolas, are summoned during Thursdays, because the planet Jupiter rules Thursdays. Also, it would be great if you can summon Stolas during the astrological hour of Jupiter.

I use the correspondences of Chesed even for Gamchicoth:

Ruling planet: Jupiter

Day: Thursday

Astrological hour: Jupiter

Paper seal colour: blue

Metal: tin

Gems: sapphire & amethyst

Number: 4 (4 candles for example)

Plant: olive (use olive oil)

Scent: cedar (I use cinnamon)




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