The demons of Goetia and Grimoirium Verum: should you fear them?









The demons of Goetia and Grimoirium Verum are the best allies for you.



The demons of Goetia and Grimoirium Verum are the best allies for you and it is silly to fear these beings. People who fear demons are brainwashed by the Christian church from childhood.

Many of my clients fear demons in the beginning, but after a while, they stop fearing demons. When people are new to dark magick, they fear demons.

There is no reason to fear demons, because they are not physically dangerous when you do magick with these beings. Wiccans do fear demons, but for no reason. Demons are just old pagan gods.




4 reasons to fear demons



Some baneful curses with Focalor can backfire. This is the only reason to be cautious of this demon.



The only reasons to fear demons are these:

they can enter your mind without your awareness and without your consent, and change your thoughts

they can push you to take certain actions (to act out compulsive behaviour)

they can punish you if you attack innocent people (a curse may backfire on you)

demons Guland and Marbas can cause illness in us if a curse backfires back on us. These demons can cause illness in an enemy too.



The pros of doing demonic magick



Demons are the most powerful entities and far more powerful than angels

Demons will empower you and help you as much as they can

Demons will make you wise. They teach selfishness and self love

Demons will make you very skilled in magick and teach you even more

Demons will heal your inner childhood traumas and repair your self esteem

Demons can substitute your friends and lovers

It is better to have a tribe of demons as allies than to have a human tribe as friends. Humans are powerless, but demons are super powerful.




The cons of doing demonic magick



You will be feared and rejected by your surroundings. Demonic magick is a very solitary, independent and challenging spiritual path. You might loose your job if people get to know about your spiritual path.

If you have always felt different or like an alien on this planet, then this path is for you. You will feel at home.




Beginner: which demons are best for you?



I invite you to watch a video about some safe demons of Goetia. These demons are suitable allies for beginners. Enjoy!








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