Spirit attacks: how to protect yourself from spirit attacks









This symbol is called for Solomon’s pentagram and it has power over spirits.




Spirit attacks: the sleep paralysis


Spirit attacks: what are they and when do they occur? I have been attacked by spirits during prolonged periods of time. The attacks took place during dreams and this happened to me in the beginning of my magickal practice.

During my dreams, the spirits positioned themselves around my bed and started to pull me out of my body. This experience was scary, because of the sleep paralysis that prevented me from moving my body.

During some nights, I sat half stuck in my physical body and observed my room with my sleeping (closed) eyes. The spirits tried to pull me out of my body, and my struggle with my physical body ended up in loud desperate screams for help.

The spirit attacks were scary, because the spirits would just jump on my sleeping body from above, grasp my hands and start to pull me out of my sleeping body.



Spirit attacks: why do they happen?


Spirit attacks have been said to be connected to UFO. I do not know if this is true. But I know that when we are new to magick, we do stir up our subconscious mind.

When the subconscious mind is stirred up and we have also lots of garbage from childhood conditioning, we are sure targets for spirit attacks.



How to survive spirit attacks?


I was afraid to sleep in darkness, because I had no control over my sleeping body while the spirits attacked me from above.

Even today I sleep with a night lamp. I started to sleep with a night lamp since that time of horror when the spirit attacks were scaring me. You should have control over your sight. It is a lot easier to wake up when you see light.

Do not be ashamed if you end up screaming while you try to wake up. Sleep paralysis is so scary and it may happen to anyone. Sleep paralysis is connected to magick (intensive magick), lucid dreaming and to out of body flights.

With time you will become immune to sleep paralysis.



Spirit attacks: protect your sleep


Do a spell with Solomon’s pentagram and salt. Charge the pentagram during the spell and hang it above your bed.

All attacks shall cease at once. It is also a very good practice to have dream catchers and the Evil Eye amulets above your head while you sleep.

Of course, the dream catchers and amulets must be charged during protection spells.



Spirit attacks: protective oils


You can use the following oils on dream catchers, amulets and Solomon’s pentagram:

pine (protection)

patchouli (against enemies, protection)

cinnamon (for psychic protection)

rose (protection)




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