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Necromantic magick can be done with the aid of the necromancy demons of Goetia
Necromantic magick can be safe: choose the spirits of the dead with great care! Necromantic magick can be a disaster too.



Necromantic magick can be quite dangerous if you do not give a care for your safety. There are murderers and criminals buried at the cemeteries since medieval times.

Dead soldiers are also a dangerous group of entities and you must test drive their spirits. Now, these days, I doubt that we reincarnate, because I do necromantic magick with folks who have been dead during 200 years. Such magick is very potent.

If you are new to necromancy, you might want to make a pact with Bune and Murmur. These demons know the dead very well and they will choose safe contacts for you.




Demon Murmur



Demon Murmur can keep your cemetery visits safe.


Murmur is a Duke and he rules 30 legions of Spirits. He can teach you philosophy and necromancy. Murmur can prevent the Spirits of the dead from inflicting harm upon the practitioner.

Source: Goetia & Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly




Demon Bune



Demon Bune can also teach you necromantic magick.


Bune is a great Duke and he comes as a dragon with three heads. His third head is that of a man. Bune speaks with a nice voice. He helps the dead to change their place, and the devils to gather upon the graves of the dead.

Bune makes people rich and wise. He answers truly to all demands and can be trusted. 30 legions of spirits obey Bune.

Source: Johann Weyer, Pseudomonarchia Daemonum




The cemetery structure


Bune and Murmur will also choose the safest times for your visits to the graveyards. I have convinced myself that Murmur has the ability to chase away other visitors from the cemetery when you are there.

Bune and Murmur will explain to you all about the structures of the cemeteries. Criminals were buried outside of the church yard. Avoid such graves even if you desire allies who can protect you.

It is much better to become the best friend of a dead soldier or any military person who is buried at the cemetery, than to become the best friend of a criminal. Soldiers obeyed commands, and such an entity is safer, because it will obey your commands.

The best contacts for you are those folks who have very expensive grave stones and are buried very close to the church. Such people were very rich and belonged to the educated class of the society. They were not criminals for sure.

Some other very useful contacts are:

a doctor (to heal you and your family)

a veterinarian (to heal pets)

a lawyer (I deal with my best friend who was a lawyer)

a banker (for money spells and financial planning)

a merchant (for money spells)

very dangerous soldiers (for protection from enemies)

I must state here that a spirit of a dead doctor who died 200 years ago may have limited knowledge of modern cures and vaccines.

But still, such an entity is very knowledgeable in the area of herbal cures. Such an entity (if the doctor specialised himself in the treatment of tuberculosis) can help you to cure severe colds, pneumonia, fevers, rashes and other illnesses.

Such an entity can encourage you to seek out a doctor if it is so that a leg is broken (but you think its just a simple injury).





Avoid random graves


Masses are buried in random graves. Such souls cannot contribute to your magick. If you are doing a healing spell, you need a doctor. That is why I advice to consult Murmur and Bune, because these demons know the dead very well.

Go to cemetery with a map, a compass and a list in your hands. Your plastic bags must be already marked with the appropriate information, because you can do your research at home in advance.

The research takes a lot of time, but its worth the effort, because you will obtain lots of information: biography, profession and photo.

Gravestones can be pictured with a camera in your phone. This is the sigil of the spirit so to say. You can use this picture in your evocations when you are doing your ritual in a private spot.




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