Demon Bucon: the correct way to deal with him









Demon Bucon is described in the Grimoirium Verum and this is his seal.


Demon Bucon is described in the Grimoirium Verum as follows below:

“Bucon can cause hate and spiteful jealousy between members of the opposite sexes.”




Demon Bucon and your life


Demon Bucon is described in the Grimoirium Verum. This is a break up jar spell with Bucon.
Demon Bucon and demon Belial can help to split lovers.


Bucon is my favourite demon despite that he had broken my own attachments of the heart. But that was in the beginning when I was getting to know Bucon. Today I am thankful to Bucon for breaking my illusions.

If you value your time and private space, and enjoy your freedom, Bucon can keep your life safe from troublesome relationships. As you continue to work with Bucon for clients, he will free you of false friends and eventual love relationships.

The one who is best friends with Bucon, will stay single until he or she stops doing magick with this demon. I love Bucon, because he has liberated me from unwanted attachments.




Demon Bucon: a deceitful spirit


Little is known about demon Bucon, because not so many people do magick with this spirit. Bucon is a challenging spirit to work with, but he does his job very well.

You must make a pact with Bucon and promise him a gift as payment for his services. If you do not make a pact with Bucon and do not promise him payment for his services, he may deceive you. Then your break up spell will backfire on you.

How do I know all this? Did Bucon tell me all this? No! I observed my spells:

wonderful results were obtained when I did revenge spells on behalf of my clients and promised Bucon to make him a famous demon.

During such revenge rituals, I summoned Belial and Bucon together, and they helped my client to obtain her long desired revenge on her ex boyfriend.

During another very complicated case, I told Bucon that the client will purchase a gift for him if he splits the relationship between certain two people.

It took Bucon three months to provoke a very angry fight between the two people. The couple had split up at once and they never saw each other any more.

My client sent me a special lamp for Bucon. The lamp is called “Bucon’s lamp”.




Bucon, Surgat, Belial

and the dead


These are some of many spirits that can deceive you, if you do not make pacts with them:




the spirits of the dead (if they are not your own relatives who loved you)

These spirits love gifts and you must purchase gifts for them. Surgat loves to work in a team together with Belial and with the spirits of the dead.

Surgat, Belial and the dead can help you to obtain bank loans (even if the bank has refused you a bank loan), eliminate troublemakers and unlock frozen accounts.



This is the seal of Surgat from Grimoirium Verum.


“Surgat opens every kind of lock.”

Source: Grimoirium Verum



Demon Bucon:

how to make a pact with him


It is very easy to make a pact with Bucon or any other spirit, unless its a servitor that will help you to obtain your goal. Cast a circle, summon Bucon and show the demon his gift.

Usually a client sends me a picture of a planned gift for Bucon (a copper tray for his candles). I download this picture and show it to the demon during a ritual.

Then do your break up jar spell and instruct Bucon regarding his duties. Observe that the demons are much smarter than humans. Do not try to cheat the demons by promising them a gift, which you plan to use for yourself (for example cosmetics or shoes).

The demons and the dead will take charge of your thoughts and just force you to purchase the graveyard candles, spell candles, candle holders and stuff you use when you do spells with demons.




In conclusion


Bucon is a very tricky spirit and I do not say that if you make a pact with him, he will do as instructed. You have to become very close friends with “tricky” spirits and be prepared for chaos in your own life.

Even if you are very close friends with Bucon, he is a just a spirit, and he may betray you. What can you do then? You cannot punish Bucon, because he is not made of flesh and bones.

Ignoring him as a spirit will not help. Bucon does not want your love or your attention. He does not depend on your love. Do magick with Bucon at your own risk, and be prepared for break ups in your own relationships. This can happen.




Demon Bucon: caution!


Suppose, you do magick with Bucon to split a couple. Avoid contact with the couple at all costs! If you remain in contact with the couple, Bucon will drag you into malicious fights to separate you from the couple.

Some of my clients did not understand demon Andras, demon Bucon and their malicious nature and ignored my advice. The result? My clients were dragged into malicious fights with the couple (the targets of the spell).

Some of these fights resulted in real physical fights. There is a warning in the Goetia about Andras. Bucon is no different from Andras.

Jealousy often turns into wrath, doesn’t it? If you are an angry person by nature, avoid Andras and Bucon, because these demons will first send you to a mental hospital, then to the police station and then to jail.




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