Demon Lucifer and demon Andromalius: a freezer spell









Demon Andromalius is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Lucifer and demon Andromalius work nicely together. This is the seal of demon Andromalius from Goetia.



Demon Lucifer can be summoned together with demon Andromalius. This spell will help you to banish minor troublemakers, by making them very busy with their own affairs.

Do this spell, if you are purely innocent, while the other party blames you for their own foolishness and mistakes. I love freezer spells, but I also go a bit further and add graveyard dirt, vinegar and concentrated lime juice into the freezer jar.

The sour components in freezer jars play an important role: they make the troublemaker fail in their attempts to blame you, make you sad or simply put, harm you.

I add sour ingredients to stop the troublemaker in their tracks from causing me more trouble. Some people will never admit their faults and they are blame addicts. This spell will banish such folks from your life.




Demon Andromalius: Goetia


The 72nd spirit is Andromalius and he is ranked as an Earl. He brings back both the thief and the stolen stuff, and also discovers all wickedness and dishonesty in human actions.

Andromalius punishes all evil people and thieves. He also discovers hidden treasures.

Source: Goetia



Demon Andromalius: how can he help?



This is the seal of Andromalius from Goetia. Andromalius appears in the form of a blond and fair skinned male.


Andromalius can protect you from troublemakers too, by making them very busy with their own affairs. Of course, he will help you if your are purely innocent.

This spirit can protect you from online dangers too. I advice to charge pendants on the seal of Andromalius very often and then wear the pendants.

Charge your children’s pendants on the seal of Andromalius too to keep your kids safe from daily dangers while they are on their way to school, on their way back home after school, or just playing out there in your yard.

Demons are not dangerous. Only some demons are dangerous. They are dangerous, because the events of our lives may unfold in an unpredictable way.

Andromalius is a gentleman and he is safe even for kids and pets. You can charge your dog’s collar on the seal of Andromalius too to keep your dog safe from daily dangers and unpredictable accidents.



The freezer jar spell

You will need:


This is the seal of demon Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum.


the seals of Lucifer and Andromalius (while you do the evocations)

the photo of the target (to look at during your ritual)

a small piece of paper (write the target’s name, date of birth and address)

a glass jar with a screw lid


concentrated lime juice

graveyard dirt from a layers grave (or from a police station)

I used graveyard dirt from a lawyers grave (he was my dearest friend), because I wanted the target to fuck off and stop blaming me for his own foolishness and mistakes.

If somebody is threatening you, use graveyard dirt from a policeman’s grave, lawyers grave or dirt from a police station. Such dirt stops these ugly people from harming you.

And they can never harm you if you are 100% innocent. The demons will just create so much chaos for the troublemaker, that he or she will forget about you.

If you are afraid of demons, and need to do such a spell, call upon Archangel Khamael.



This is the seal of Khamael (Mars). He is said to be the poison of God.



Place the piece of paper with the name of the troublemaker into the glass jar and add grave dirt, vinegar and lime juice. Say your spell over the jar 3 times. Ask the demons to protect you.

Cap the jar and freeze it. You can throw away the jar after 6 months or so.




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