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This is the seal of Bune from Goetia.





I wrote my Bune Story and I hope it can help other people to contact Bune:

My Bune Success Story

I started to work with Bune when I still had my old job, it is about 10 months ago now. Within these months, I could build an intense relationship with Bune.

I was unhappy with my life because my job took about 10 hours of my time daily and the salary was really bad. I dreamed of starting my own company/business but I did not know what it should be and how to do it.

I came across an interesting business model (online) and so I started to make my own website while still working on my old job. In some forums, I have read about Bune and how all people love him/her.

I decided to make contact with Bune, asking for help for my new Business. I made a ritual (which I had from Luciferas Youtube Video) and summoned Bune.

I did not know if it worked out and I was sceptical, but I had a feeling that something “new” is about to start. Our webshop (I had a partner for my new business who was also my friend) started to get sales about 7 days after the ritual.

I asked Bune for a high amount of revenue and after less than one month, this result was achieved. The money did not stop coming in.

At this point I knew Bune helped me and that I had to contact him/her again because I was very thankful. I could quit my old job and now work by myself.

There were some obstacles on the way to success and there will always be such situations. I contacted Bune 2-3 times per month and sometimes just meditated on the sigil.

I always placed some offerings like alcohol, tobacco/cannabis, coffee, fresh bread, oranges. Bune responded very well to these offerings.

Once I saw her in a vision as a beautiful, Egyptian woman. This is why I keep saying “her”. She told me “I will show you the road, but you have to go it by yourself”.

Some things I noticed about Bunes behavior:

– Bune showed me ways on how to operate things and also ways on how to NOT operate things. If I did something wrong, Bune showed the right way to do it.

Bune wants you to LEARN, she will not do the work for you but if you are willing to learn, she will show you the fastest and best ways to reach your goal in the shortest time.

– I had to specify my “wishes” as far as I could. Bune worked best for me if I was knowing what exactly I wanted to happen in my project.

– Bune can help if obstacles occur. For example, I once had problems with my bank. They said they have set a limit to my account and it will be removed in 90 days.

I contacted Bune and 2 days later, the bank removed all limits from the account.

– Spells worked best if I repeated the words again and again and visualised simultaneously

In Summary, Bune is a very caring spirit. She cares about you because she wants you to learn and become wise. She has never let me down and she will be there for you in hard times.

She also helped my friend if I asked her for help. Bune spreads so much positivity in my life. We love you Bune!




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