Necromantic magick with Lucifer and Mephistophilis to drive away noisy neighbours









This is the seal of Mephistophilis from the Black Raven.


Necromantic magick is very powerful and it can help you to get rid of noisy neighbours. Once upon a time my home was a very quite place. I and my pets have lived in our home a very long time and we love our cosy apartment.

But since January 2019, one room is very noisy. This is because of one neighbour who moved in during December 2018.

Its a fact too that I have been healing an ill pet. My pet has recovered, but he is still in the process of rehabilitation. Animals are sacred beings and as parents to pets, it is our responsibility to ensure that our animals have a chance to recover in a quite room.

Adjacent to my pet’s room is my neighbours kitchen or bathroom. No, moving my pet into my bedroom is not an option, because I work and do rituals there.

If I live together with my pet in my bedroom, I will not be able to work when he is sleeping. We will have no money then.

Moving to another home with my parrots and their huge cages is not an option, because my pet is still recovering from his illness. A move is very stressful for parrots and can trigger feather plucking and self mutilation.

There was noise all the time from that neighbour. She was slamming the doors, flushing the toilet 100 times per day, throwing some objects against the wall between her place and my pet’s room.

At last I lost my temper and did a spell to make that lady move out to a better place. I used cemetery dirt from two graves. The dead people are my relatives.




The nature of my orgies with the dead



By the way, it is possible to see the astral dimension in lucid dreams. I see the dead very often when I am out of body. The dead have no understanding of time, and for this reason they look very young.

The dead men are actually very sexy and attractive, well dressed and smell nice. This is true of the graves I interact with. I have even been seduced into flirting and kissing the dead men.

My astral flights are very lucid in character and I do not even know that I am asleep during my dreams. Everything is so real during my out of body experiences just like in real life. Sometimes I fly a very short distance: just to the next room and the dead are there waiting for me.

It is very important to know the sort of dead we interact with, because we could pick up psychic garbage from the dead. You do not want to kiss an alcoholic during your astral flights and then feel the urge to taste alcohol.

The only unpleasant experience is the “landing” back into the physical body. This is so unpleasant, because of the sleep paralysis. Last time I woke up from my astral flight, I was sleeping with a dead man in his grave, and a rat was eating my shoe. I woke up with a scream.




Lucifer and Mephistophilis


I also called upon the other spirits of the dead (they will live in her home). Lucifer and Mephistophilis were the spirits who assisted me during my spell.



This is the seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum.


I also placed two Feng Shui cures in my bathroom, because the neighbour was making a lot of noise near my bathroom.

I placed a very sharp knife pointing right towards the neighbour to repel her away from my bathroom. In addition, I placed a small mirror facing the bathroom wall.

Of course, I had done a spell with the sharp knife to drive away the noisy neighbour. Actually, its a weapon, but I use it as a Feng Shui cure.

Follow up (2019-07-01). My neighbour is very quite these days, and my bird has become very calm.




Necromantic magick: this is what you will need



the seals of Lucifer and Mephistophilis

a small jar with a lock

snake skin

vinegar and concentrated lime juice

cemetery dirt from several graves

pictures and several personal items of the dead

cayenne pepper, red chilli powder, mustard powder, salt, matches (contain sulphur)

a small paper doll of the neighbour with name and surname, address, phone number, etc

oil for the seals of the demons: patchouli

You will have to do the evocation of the dead, and then it will be time to hand them a task:  to move into the neighbours home until they drive away the person to another place.

A little bit of cemetery dirt is applied to the doll with a request: to move out. Then the doll is rolled into a tiny scroll and tied with black thread.

The doll is dropped into the jar and all other ingredients are added. A spell is said over the jar 3 times.

The demons are also asked to help with this matter. You can keep the seals of the demons under your pillow, because the demons will give you further instructions.

What instructions? To pour out powders in the elevators to make the whole building quite. Initially, we lived in a very quite building.

But then with time, some noisy people moved in. They do not understand that if they shout, fight and slam the doors, the vibrations are heard by others.

Maybe they understand, but have no respect for others who live in the same building.

Its important to chill down. Such rituals can make you even more angry. Well, its good to be a little angry when you will be creating powders to make everybody shut up and behave with respect.



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