Demon Samigina from Goetia and how he can help you









Demon Samigina is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.


Demon Samigina is described in the Goetia, but he is also described in several other old Grimoires. Below you will find several descriptions of Samigina from different sources:




Demon Samigina: Pseudomonarchia Daemonum


Gamigin (Samigina) is a great marquis, and he is seen in the form of a little horse. When he takes upon him human shape, he speaks with a hoarse voice. He talks about liberal sciences.

Samigina can fetch the souls of the dead people who have died in sin and are in the purgatory. With the help of Samigina the dead will take on a body of air and answer your questions.

Samigina rules 30 legions of spirits.

Source: Johann Weyer, Pseudomonarchia Daemonum




Demon Samigina: Goetia



Samigina taught me both white and black Kabbalah. It seems that I knew the Kabbalah, but could not recall it in this life.


Samigina is the fourth spirit and he is a great Marquis. He appears in a form a little horse or ass, and then upon your request he will change his appearance and take on human shape.

He speaks with a hoarse voice. Samigina teaches all liberal sciences and gives account of dead souls that died in sin.

Samigina rules over 30 legions of spirits.

Source: Goetia




Demon Samigina: more about him


Samigina can teach you all sciences and also magick (he taught me the Kabbalah). Moreover, Samigina can teach you necromancy and how to summon the dead for executing the operations of your spells (court case spells for example). He taught me all this.

According to S. Connolly, Samigina can also help you to become more creative. In the video below, I show you an easy spell with Samigina.





Demon Samigina: when to summon him?



Demon Samigina is assigned to the sphere of Yesod.
The Marquises of Goetia come from the shell of Yesod. The shell of Yesod is Gamaliel and it is ruled by the planet Moon.


In my magick with the Marquises of Goetia, I use the correspondences of Yesod:

Ruling planet: Moon

Day: Monday

Astrological hour: Moon

Paper seal colour: purple

Candle colour: silver or purple

Metal: silver

Number: 9 (use 9 clear quarts gems)

Gem: clear quarts

Do spells with Samigina during Mondays when the moon is waxing or full. Bune is also a necromancy demon from Goetia. If you want to communicate with the dead, I have a video for you.

You can call upon Samigina instead of Bune and do the spell which I demonstrate in the video below.







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