Demon Heramael and herbal cures for healing diabetes









Demon Heramael is described in the Grimoirium Verum and this is his seal.


“Demon Heramael teaches the art of healing, including the complete knowledge of any illness and its cure. He also makes known the virtues of plants, where they are to be found, when to pluck them, and their making into a complete cure.”

Grimoirium Verum (original text in Hebrew)



Demon Heramael: A thank you from Betty


This is the seal of Heramael from Grimoirium Verum.
“My brother in law already feels better after you did the healing spell with Heramael for him. You see how amazing you and your spirits are!!! Thank you for all your help Bonnie.”
Betty from USA





Demon Heramael and the healing ritual



I had done one healing spell for Betty’s brother, and a second healing spell for her sister. Demon Heramael assisted me in healing both people.



Demon Heramael assists in healing spells.
This is the right hand side of my altar. I had prepared everything for a healing spell to help my client.



You see the seal of Heramael, a tiny paper doll of my client with written information about her (date of birth and address).

I have also 2 healing ointments on my altar: Boroline aurovedic anti-inflammatory antiseptic ointment and Zon with 2,5% ketoprofene (fast relief from physical pain).

I use Boroline to fight the increased number of antibodies in the blood (to prevent cancers from occurring).

I know that Boroline (when I used it on my dad’s doll) helped my father to stabilise the increased number of antibodies.

The number of antibodies decreased rapidly after my spell, and the doctors rejected the before diagnosed cancerous growth.

Zon gives fast relief from pain in the body. I used both ointments on the client’s doll lavishly. The doll was programmed by me to become healthy fast, and then packed into soft napkins. This package was then stuffed into the folded seal of Heramael.



Demon Heramael teaches how to make herbal cures.
This is the left part of my altar. Herbs, bark and oils for healing diabetes during a spell.



About diabetes and its cause



Our bodies are very smart. Diabetes is said to be a genetic illness. It may be so. We have 2 copies of Insulin coding DNA segment.

One copy is from our mother and the second is from our father. In cases of genetic predispositions to diabetes, only one copy of the Insulin coding DNA segment is functional. The other Insulin coding DNA segment is inactive.

When we are exposed to extreme stress for prolonged periods of time, the brain triggers a survival mechanism. It has to shut down the sight to protect us from seeing the horrors of life.

In order to shut down the sight, the production of Insulin must be shut down too. Insulin is produced in the pancreas.

In the pancreas, one copy of the Insulin coding DNA segment (the healthy gene copy) is transcribed into Messenger RNA, and then the Messenger RNA is translated into the protein Insulin.

But due to extreme stress in our lives, the brain blocks this process. Insulin stops from being produced and the level of sugars in the blood rises rapidly, because Insulin does not help to modify the blood sugars.

The level of cholesterol also rises due to the absence of Insulin. The blood pressure rises because the blood becomes very thick due to the high concentration of sugars.

Because of this the optical nerve in the eye is under huge pressure. The nerve becomes damaged and this is called Glaukoma.

Cataracts are the clouding of the optical lens in the eye and they are related to the high blood pressure caused by the absence of Insulin.

The dizziness is caused by pressure in the blood vessels that are connected to the ears. Behind the ears we have a small bunch of crystals that signal to the brain that the earth is flat under our feet.

When this signalling pathway works well we can walk straight without loosing balance. But under high blood pressure the crystals become displaced and moved all the time.

The signalling pathway between the ear and the brain suffers and we become dizzy. The solution is to decrease the high levels of sugar in blood.





Demon Heramael, and the herbal and plant cures



Demon Heramael teaches healing magick.
Natural cures are very effective in reducing the symptoms of diabetes.



I used dried grated carrot and potato starch to stimulate my clients sight, because Beta- Carotene helps the retina in the eye to function with good performance.

Olive oil was applied to the candle, because olive decreases cholesterol levels in the body. The candle was then rolled in crushed garlic, because garlic also decreases cholesterol levels.

The spell ingredients that reduce cholesterol levels are: onion, olive, oatmeal, garlic

The spell ingredients that reduce blood pressure are: potato starch, corn flour, cinnamon and garlic

The spell ingredients that reduce the high blood pressure are: onions (yellow ones). I used dried and chopped onions.

The spell ingredients that increase Insulin production and Insulin sensitivity: fenugreek seeds, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, green tea and garlic.

The spell ingredients that reduce the levels of stress in the body are: lavender and chamomile



The brown paper is the seal of Heramael. Inside the seal is the paper doll of the client. The doll is painted with pain killing and antibody reducing ointments.





Make changes in your diet



The carbohydrates are the primary sauce of sugars in the blood. Now, when Insulin is not produced in the client’s pancreas, these sugars contribute to high sugar level and also to high blood pressure.

Decrease the intake of macaronis, pizza, white bread, all sorts of junk food, sweets and baked cookies, milk shakes from McDonalds, Coca Cola and Fanta, avoid white sugar in your tea, rice, etc.

Increase the intake of vegetables, fish, eggs, chicken, oatmeal, potato, carrot, corn, yellow onions, olives and garlic. You can eat beans and peas in moderation.

To decrease the cholesterol level avoid butter and margarine. Instead go for olive oil even if its more expensive. Fry your food on olive oil, add olive oil to salads.

If you eat bread, be sure to eat moderately and high quality brown bread and in combination with olive oil (instead of butter or margarine).

Drink 2 or 3 cups of green tea each day to increase Insulin sensitivity and production. Add a pinch or two pinches of powdered cinnamon to your green tea (to increase Insulin production and Insulin sensitivity).

Drink chamomile tea before going to bed to reduce stress, worry and anxiety. You can add chamomile to your food too. I cook rice with chamomile for my poor cockatoo to reduce his panic attacks.

In conclusion, here is the herbal/plant stuff you should add to your diet: olives, olive oil, garlic, corn, potato, yellow onions, carrots, chamomile, fenugreek seeds, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, green tea and oatmeal.





Other cures



Practice deep relaxation at least 2 times per week. You need to meditate. Lie in the bed or on the sofa.

Darken the room and relax on the sofa. Your spine must be straight. You can wear headphones and listen to guided meditations (healing the body meditations). The meditation sessions can be 1 hour or longer.

If you fall asleep, allow yourself to sleep, because your body needs to recover from illness.

I looked at my clients aura during the ritual. The ill area near the pancreas was thin. I sat in my meditation and filled the ill area with balls of energy.

Because we know where the pancreas is, we can assume that if the aura looks thin near the pancreas, then several chakras (electric currents) are not functioning well:

the heart chakra (between the breasts)

the solar chakra (near the navel)

the sacral chakra (a bit above the reproductive organs)

Also the Third Eye chakra (between the eyes) may function poorly, because of the glaucoma and the cataracts.

It is advisable that you use guided chakra meditations and repair and balances the chakras too. The chakras, if they start to function properly, will nourish the organs adjacent to them. The illness will back off gradually.

The guided meditations for chakra repair and balance can be found on Youtube.




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