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Dangerous demons can be found in the Goetia. This is the seal of Andras from Goetia.



Dangerous demons are found in the Goetia, Grimoirium Verum, Theurgia Goetia and in the books about planetary magick. Not all spirits are friendly and such beings are found in the Theurgia Goetia. But there are really dangerous spirits in the Goetia and Grimoirium Verum.

Some spirits of the planetary type are also dangerous for the practitioner. Approach them with care. These spirits are:

Andras (Goetia)

Guland (Grimoirium Verum)

Bucon (Grimoirium Verum)

Sorath (planetary magick/ H.C Agrippa)

Barzabel (planetary magick/ H.C Agrippa)

Barzabel is the most dangerous demon. After 5 or 6 years of regular rituals with Barzabel you may end up with a scary life situation.

After several years of regular rituals with Barzabel, I was faced with a horrible situation that had no solution at all. I asked Barzabel to make me very brave and teach me magickal warfare.

Barzabel made me very brave and taught me warfare on a level unknown to me before. But this came with an enormous cost: a spirit of a dead man whom I can never banish.

The one who does spells with demon Bucon often, will stay single, because the forming love relationships will be destroyed before the events unfold on the astral plane.

In the video below I tell you why these spirits are dangerous. I also show you their seals.






Dangerous demons:

is Andras really dangerous?



Yes, Andras is dangerous. I am very balanced and I have learned to wear a mask in social situations. Andras can trigger mad anger at enemies and push you into direct verbal and physical confrontations.

It is not suitable to confront a boss, because angry confrontations with people in positions of power will result in loss of income. Of course, I had a lot of troublemakers at various job positions.

During all those years I have learned to be smart. I used to pretend very happy during working hours, but as soon as I was back home I let the steam out by cursing my nasty co-workers.

But if you think that you are in a position to argue with your boss and do not risk to loose your income, you can do spells with Andras. Don’t say I did not warn you about the madness of the anger you will experience.




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