Feng Shui and its application for wealth






Feng Shui and its application for wealth is a broad subject.
Feng Shui and its application for wealth is a broad subject. This is the bagua map of your home.


Feng Shui and its application for wealth is a very broad subject. Today, times are hard for many people and I have been asked to create a post about the application of Feng Shui for the purpose of attracting money.

Those who practice magick can enhance the qualities of their lives by using the techniques and cures of Feng Shui. The cures of Feng Shui can even be combined with necromantic magick to drive away noisy neighbours.

You don’t need to decorate your home in Chinese style or pray to Chinese Gods. For example, I have a money altar dedicated to demon Bune in my money corner.

The money corner reflects what is happening in my life with regard to money. I am doing well. But do not expect Feng Shui to help you solve all your problems right the next day.

Any improvement in a specific area of life is a gradual process, because by decorating a specific bagua sector, you build a picture (in symbols) of the life you want, in the astral dimension.

Feng Shui is an ancient art and it is very old. It is the language of symbols. Our subconscious minds understand these symbols and then create our reality.

There are many different schools of Feng Shui. Some are very complex and some (modern ones) are easy.

There are many levels of Feng Shui that can be combined with each other. But such practices are advanced.

I use the Western Style Bagua map (BTB bagua), because it is easier to apply in my space than Classical Bagua due to the positions of the windows.

I advice all newcommers to Feng Shui to use the Western or Classical Bagua maps. Later on, when you know the basics, you can learn more about the Flying Star school of Feng Shui.



Declutter and decorate 5 most important areas for the inflow of money


Declutter 5 areas: Money & wealth, Success & reputation, Family & family finances, Life path & work, and also Network, clients and helpful people.


In order to attract money into your life, you will have to focus your attention on 5 very important areas of the Bagua map.

These areas are:

Money and wealth

Success and reputation

Family and family finances

Life path and work

Network, clients and helpful people

Place the Bagua map on the floor plan of your home in this way: your main door must be in one of the three lower squares of the Bagua map:

Network, clients and helpful people or

Life path and work or

Knowledge, skills and wisdom

The upper left square is your money area then. When I began practising Feng Shui and looked at my money corner, the space looked sterile like a desert.

My life situation was sterile just like my money corner. Money was scarce. It took 4,5 years of hard work to repair the financial area of my life. Feng Shui and money spells helped!

It is also my experience that only Feng Shui and money spells won’t flood your experience with plenty of money for comfortable living (a constant supply of money).

You have to practice affirmations for money on a daily basis. This is not a difficult task.

I also advice to take photos of your space (how it looks now) and also after the transformation. You will understand how your environment influences your deep mind (in symbols). It is your deep mind that creates your reality.

You will become better and better at understanding the changes you are making and how these changes will affect your life.

But do not expect instant results. The results will follow after 3 or 6 months. If your finances are in crisis now, it may take a year or more before you see the first results. Be patient.



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