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Demon Heramael is a healer spirit and he is described in the Grimoirium Verum.


Demon Heramael is described in the Grimoirium Verum. This spell with demon Heramael is suitable for humans too, but I did this spell on my pet.

I own a phobic Rose Breasted cockatoo and a very brave yellow naped Amazon parrot. They dislike each other and live in separate rooms.

It is a fact that the Rose Breasted cockatoos can be problematic pets, because they develop phobic behaviours, feather plucking and self mutilation in response to the environment (in our case it was the poor Amazon parrot).

I started to heal my Rose Breasted cockatoo in summer 2018. His condition was critical: he had plucked out almost all of his feathers.

Now, after several spells with Marbas and Heramael, my little cockatoo has grown out his feathers, his phobic behaviours are decreasing, and he started to speak again.

When you do spells to heal your pets, you (the caretaker) will be heavily influenced by such spells too.

After a few spells with Marbas and Heramael, I gradually moved my little home office into the room of my cockatoo. I am with my bird all the time.

The Amazon parrot moved out into a spare bedroom, because she is very active and noisy. I realised a sad fact: my cockatoo is afraid of my Amazon and her loud calls.

In the video below, I show which spells I did to heal my little cockatoo. The method of the spells can be used to heal humans too.





The phobic behaviour, deep seated fears and other behavioural disorders are difficult to treat, but they can be held under control and gradually decreased in their magnitude.

If you are an adult who suffers from behavioural disorders, the spell which I am going to describe may cause you lots of emotional discomfort.

I advice that you seek out a specialist who can assist you in making the healing process comfortable.

I also did a spell with Buer to fight the phobia in my cockatoo. The fears in the deep mind of my bird started to emerge, and this process was scary for him.

Once the fears start to emerge, you can freeze them and drive them away. Heramael, Buer and Marbas are very safe demons to summon for the healing of pets. Please also see my posts about dangerous demons and the best demons for beginners.

The most suitable time to do such freezer spells is of course the full moon or the waning moon. Its best to summon Heramael during a Tuesday.

Of course, Heramael is under Lucifer and during my spell I did the evocation of both Lucifer and Heramael.





Demon Heramael and the ritual


a glass jar with a screw lock

a red seal of Heramael

a feather or fur from your pet ( or your hair if you are healing your fears)

St Johns Wort, chamomile, red clover, sage, cinnamon (powdered) and nutmeg (powdered)

water to fill the glass jar

a healing balm to apply to the feather (because when the cockatoo is panicking, it runs around and breaks blood feathers)

napkins, plastic film and rubber bands

I worded the evocation of Heramael like this:

” I evoke and conjure you, dear demon Heramael. I am once again in need of your help. Heramael, I want to thank you for healing my little cockatoo. His wings and tail have healed and the physical pain is over long ago.

Now I need your help to heal my bird’s panic attacks and fears, because my bird is afraid of every noise. Please make his fears decrease, freeze and leave for good. Please transform my little cockatoo into a confident and brave bird.”

I presented the feather for the 4 Elements and asked them to help my bird. The healing balm was applied to the little feather and the feather was carefully wrapped into a napkin.

Herbs were added and wrapped into a napkin. All this was wrapped into the red seal of Heramael and then wrapped into the plastic film. Finally, I secured the bundle with rubber bands.

The bundle was placed into the glass gar and water was added. Then I said my spell 3 times and closed the jar.

From previous freezer spells on myself, I know that their effect is gradual but powerful. As the water turns into ice, the feather will be still and the panic will cease.

This spell helped to heal the worst fears and now demon Ipos is transforming my bird into a brave pet.




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