The superior Demons of the Grimorium Verum and how they can help you









The superior demons of Grimorium Verum are few. These are the seals of Lucifer and Clauneck from the Grimoirium Verum.



The superior demons of Grimorium Verum are few. In regard to spirits, there are superior ones and inferior ones. The superior spirits (according to the Grimoirium Verum) are:




This is the second seal of Lucifer from Grimorium Verum.



Lucifer can empower you and make you brave. This spirit is very intelligent and steps in right when you need his help.

Pacts for more money are very suitable to agree upon with Lucifer. Demon Lucifer will protect you from dishonest people and also from all kinds of harm and dangers.

He will step in or show you dreams with warnings and reveal the dangers in due time. Charge your pendant on the seal of Lucifer and wear the pendant day and night.




This is the seal of Beelzebuth from Grimorium Verum.



Beelzebuth helps students of biology to find spiders and flies for their laboratory experiments. This spirit helps to transform the body too and makes you fit.




This is the seal of Astaroth from Grimorium Verum.



Astaroth has another seal too. That seal is found in the Goetia and the duties of Astaroth are also described in the Goetia.



This is the seal of Astaroth from Goetia.



Duke Astaroth rules 40 legions of Spirits. If you do magick with Astaroth, he will give true answers of things you want to know about the past, present and future. This Spirit can reveal all secrets to you and will make you very knowing in all sciences.

The above stated and also a Demon of love and friendship according to S. Connolly.

Source: Goetia & Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly





I summoned Lucifer,

Astaroth and Beelzebuth



I summoned all three spirits: Lucifer, Beelzebuth and Astaroth during one and the same ritual. This was long ago.



This is a ritual with Lucifer, Astaroth and Beelzebuth.
I held a ritual with Lucifer, Astaroth and Beelzebuth.



The spirits helped me to start a creative project and to finish it too. Today, I still earn money from that project.

Moreover, they handed me many versions of Grimoirium Verum and also some versions with rear seals. I started to really “study” the Grimoirium Verum.





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