Devil Sabnock from Goetia: how to create or obtain a demonic Familiar spirit









Demon Sabnock gives good Familiar spirits upon request. This is the seal of Sabnock from Goetia.




Why did I want a Familiar?



Devil Sabnock is a demon I very much like. I love demons and I want to explain why I use the word “Devil” with regard to demons. It is because of SEO.

I have several posts about some demons. The SEO plugin is very demanding and accurate. Each time I optimise a post, the software points out that I have already used the key words Sabnock, demon Sabnock, Marquis Sabnock for the SEO of other posts.

So, Sabnock gives Familiar Spirits upon request. The time came and I had to evaluate my plans and intentions for my future, and then I set up high protection.

From whom? From men who cheat women out of love. I witness love tragedies very often. My clients request “return my lover” spells very often, because they are heartbroken.

When I was doing love spells for myself with Sallos, Beleth and Zepar, I almost fainted during each ritual. During these rituals I realised that I had not set up any protection at all.

I don’t want to experience heartbreak and love drama. Better to stay single than to be together with the wrong person, experience a heartbreak, and then become infected with a depression for many years (demon Buer heals depressions).

It is for this reason I asked Sabnock to grant me a Familiar spirit. Some call this type of spirits for the incubus demon lover or the succubus.





Devil Sabnock: my Familiar spirit and his duties



This is a ritual with demon Sabnock from Goetia.
This is a ritual with demon Sabnock from Goetia.



The Familiar spirit will protect you and expose the intentions of the people who flock around you. I have also given precise instructions to the incubus (he is my companion, and not so much a lover yet):

protect me from emotional pain

hold me away from foolish men

help me to stay emotionally sober

do not allow me to fall in love until a specified partner comes into my life (you will have to create a list of your perfect love partner and hand it to the incubus demon lover)

keep me busy with my own life

love and respect me, and I will love and respect you in return

The incubus or the succubus are said to be a part of ourselves. The Familiar spirits are said to be the same. But according to Goetia, the demons grant Familiar spirits who are demons themselves.

I asked Sabnock to grant me a Familiar spirit for protection from love that hurts, and got it.





Witch, be in charge!



The creation of the demon Familiar is simple, but very accurate instructions have to be given to the spirit. Familiar spirits are very intelligent beings.

State that you are in charge and that the demon lover must obey you. In case the opposite occurs, you must kill the demon lover. Inform the demon lover about this. Remember: you dominate the relationship and you must be determined and strict.

Such Familiar spirits cannot quench your longing for a physical partner, but they can protect you and help you to see through people and expose their intentions.

Well, what about sex with the incubus or succubus lover? It may happen from time to time in your dreams. There is nothing wrong with this type of erotic dreams.

But of course, you must be observant of your dreams, thought pattern and behaviour. As time goes by, the Familiar spirit will become an “adult” astral male and will influence your life.

For this reason you must be aware of your weaknesses and eventual addictions. The demon lover is not a substitute for a real mate and not a toy to play with.

This is because:

As time goes by, the thought form (the demon lover) will grow into an “adult” astral male. You have to be aware of this males intentions towards you.

There are kind and also malicious Familiar spirits. Some obey and some do not. What do I mean by the word “obey”?

I mean that the Familiar spirit may not obey your commands which you have given in the form of instructions during a ritual.

In this case you can put a leash on your demon lover and stuff the doll into a net or a small cage as punishment.

Adjust also your instructions and make them crystal clear. Repeat the spell until the demon lover is obedient again.




Devil Sabnock:

how to create a demonic lover



Ask a demon to grant you a Familiar spirit

Choose a name for your demon lover

Create a doll and also a sigil with the name of the demon lover

Define the duties of the Familiar spirit. Make a list

Define your policies: that you are in charge of the demon lover and if the spirit does not obey you, it will face its death

Compose a spell with precise instructions included into the spell

Activate the doll and give it life. Name the doll. Inform the doll about its duties and obligation towards you. Read the spell to the doll 3 times.

Finish your ritual. Keep the seal and the doll of the demon lover in a safe place. Feed the doll your psychic energy and apply your blood to the seal during your following rituals.

Continue your rituals until you decide to dissolve away the Familiar spirit.





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