The 4th pentacle of the Moon from the Key of Solomon


My version of the 4th pentacle of the Moon from the Key of Solomon.


The 4th pentacle of the Moon can defend you from all magickal attacks. One of its Angels is Sophiel and he can teach you the properties of herbs and gems.



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The 4th pentacle of the Moon



The fourth pentacle of the Moon consists of the central disc with a hand, the seal of Angel Yahel and the seal of Angel Sophiel.

I have used the Golden Dawn Rose Cross lamen to draw the seals of both Angels.


The 4th pentacle of the Moon (central part).


Also, I have substituted the Latin text (I think its Latin) on the sideboards of the 4th pentacle of the Moon with its English translation found in the Key of Solomon.

To the right you see 5 Hebrew words. To the left you also see the English translation of these 5 Hebrew words.

אהיה = Eheieh (a Holy word)

אשר = Asher (a Holy word)

יההאל = Yahel

סופיאל = Sophiel

The verse is such: ” Let them be confounded who persecute me, and let me not be confounded; let them fear, and not I.”


The seal of Angel Yahel.



The seal of Angel Sophiel.


You can make the 4th pentacle of the Moon a component of your Mojo bag or Witch’s bottle. The absolute best time to do such magick is the full moon if you want to protect yourself from magickal attacks. The waning moon is also acceptable.



From where do the spirits of the Moon come?


Magick with the pentacles of the Moon from Clavicula Salomonis is the magick of Yesod.


I use such Yesod correspondences:

Ruling planet: Moon

Day: Monday

Astro hour: Moon

Paper seal colour: purple or silver

Metal: silver

Number: 9

Gems: clear quarts

Scent: jasmine



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