Demon Belial and money magick


Belial is strict, but a good demon as a patron for a woman.



Demon Belial: a little chaos


Be prepared for a little chaos when you ask Belial of favours like more money. It is true that even your “enemies” will grant you “blessings” in disguise.

Belial will influence your enemies (they will not know that Belial has turned them into your servants) to work for your good reputation, and they will become your servants and work for your highest good.

Don’t get irritated at the stupidity of those people, but be more aware of your goal in life, the people you want to be with, and the people you don’t want in your experience.



Demon Belial: Goetia


Goetia tells us that Belial was created next after Lucifer. Belial is ranked as a King, because he comes from the solar sphere on the Qliphotic tree.

It is said that Belial appears in the form of two angels sitting in a chariot of fire. The duties of this demon are such: to distribute presentations and senatorships, and also to cause favour of friends and foes.

Belial gives good familiar Spirits and rules over 80 legions of Spirits.



Demon Belial: his enormous power


Belial has enormous powers! To convince you, I offer you my post about a necromantic bleach jar spell with Belial and Surgat.

Spells with Belial can be done during Sundays, because this demon comes from the Qlipha of Tagaririm. This space on the Qliphotic Tree is ruled by the Sun.


According to the Goetia, Belial comes from the 6th sphere, Tagaririm (Thagirion).


So, this is a success spell and also a money spell. You can do this spell during the waxing moon or when the moon is full.

You will need:


a yellow seal of Belial

a white candle (paint it with sunflower oil + powder it with cinnamon)

a whole nutmeg

cinnamon sticks

oils for the seal: olive, bay leaf, sage, cinnamon and mint

a paper money bill

your blood

napkin + rubber band + a small bag

Summon Belial. I did it in this way:

“I evoke and conjure you my Master Belial. I want to thank you, because you helped me to fight the bullies at my work. I need your help in increasing my income….Please help me Belial.”

Ask the Elements to cooperate with you. Light the candle and look at the seal of Belial for 3 to 5 minutes. Apply your blood to the seal. Follow with the oils.

Place the nutmeg, paper bill and the cinnamon sticks on the seal, raise power and charge all this. Pack into a napkin, secure with a rubber band, and pack into a small bag. That is it!



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