Goetia magick: how to protect yourself from a curse









Goetia magick is very popular. This is the seal of demon Sabnock from Goetia.



Goetia magick is very popular and even very experienced witches think that demons can protect them from curses.

Because I am deeply involved into necromantic practices with dead military staff, I know that the Goetia demons are absolutely powerless against dead military staff.

There is no demons who can protect against curses that involve dead war criminals. For safety reasons some of my necromancy posts are set to private.

I have included one video into this post. The video is about the usual types of harmless curses that witches do (non lethal curses). In the video, I talk about curses and protection methods.





The alarming signs of a curse



There are some symptoms, which are easy to detect in case you are under a curse. They are:


dreams of the person who cursed you

feelings of fear and worry for your safety

lack of focus in your daily life


a sequence of illnesses

Usually we know our enemy. The enemy might be our ex or somebody with whom we have business or work relationships.

I have created a small video to help you detect and also reverse a curse. In this video, I show you several ways to protect yourself from a curse.




In this video I talk about the nature of curses and about protection methods. Curses influence our thoughts, health and behaviour.





Ghosts as spies and protectors



Necromantic magick with dead military staff is very interesting and has a great potential. Such ghosts can spy on your enemies and bring the enemy to you for a confession if the enemy has cursed you.

I have a special Witch’s bottle with the seal of demon Halphas and dirt from the grave of a dead soldier. The dead soldier had forced someone who was influencing me with spells and curses to come and confess about the magick done.

The dead soldier spies on that particular person all the time. After the person understood the magnitude of danger in my counter attack with the help of dead soldiers, the person stopped cursing me.

No, Sabnock cannot protect against a curse that involves dead military staff. The Goetia demons are powerless against dead military staff and this is the greatest limitation of demonic magick.





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