Curses and methods to fight them: a recipe of an uncrossing oil and more









Curses and methods to fight them exist. A curse can be set into reverse with the help of demon Sabnock from Goetia. 



Curses and methods to fight them are very real. I know only one way to avoid curses: zero contact with witches. But eventually even a witch will become the victim of a curse.

There are lots of envious people out there in the world and they curse out of envy. There are some methods to reverse the curse.

There are also very cruel methods to execute revenge on the enemy. I never curse in return, because if I curse, the enemy will die physically for sure.

I can control my anger, but I do keep the enemy very busy all the time. When the enemy’s life is in ashes, the enemy no longer has time and desire to fight with me.

Below you will find an “uncrossing” formula to fight a curse.





Uncrossing formula: ingredients



1/4 cup of Lavender

2 Tablespoons of Lemon Verbena

1 teaspoon of ground Frankincense

Mix in 1 cup of oil

Use this formula during a curse reversal spell (to remove a hex) to anoint yourself, candles, seals and Mojo bags.





Uncrossing agents:

honey & sugar



This is a witchcraft ritual.
Honey and sugar can repair bad luck in life and replace it with good luck.



It is wise to know your enemy. Is the enemy experienced in magick? If not, then most probably they used a “sour jar” to temporarily spoil your good luck.

Use honey or sugar to reverse the curse. Honey and sugar are sweet and they will help you to create a pleasant life. The curse will be set into reverse.

Demon Mephistophilis can reverse your temporary bad luck and transform it into good luck. Welcome to read about: Honey jars for different purposes and conditions.




Demon Sagatana

and the dead



Demon Sagatana is described in the Grimorium Verum and this is his seal.



Demon Sagatana can help you to summon the dead for a protection ritual to fight your enemy (assuming that you have been cursed out of envy).

Ask the dead and Sagatana to keep the enemy very busy all the time. You can also send a dead soldier to the enemy. Instruct the dead soldier what you want him to do with the enemy.

Let the dead soldier inspire the enemy to cast a love spell. Ask the dead soldier to find a “suitable” lover for your enemy. The dead soldier will take place inside the brain of the wicked lover (like a chip) and begin moving the lover towards your enemy.

After the soldier’s mission is over, your enemy will become:

abandoned by their wicked lover

heavily depressed


addicted to substances





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