Duke Dantalion from Goetia: a spell to influence another to change their attitude









Duke Dantalion from Goetia can cause love and compassion. This is his seal.



Duke Dantalion from Goetia can help you to solve family problems. Did you ever had unpleasant and sad family issues? I am sure that even if you became angry, you did not want to curse your loved ones.

Dantalion can be very helpful in matters of complicated family relationships, because this demon is capable of changing the thoughts of others.





Demon Dantalion




Dantalion is a Duke and he rules 36 legions of Spirits. His duty is to teach you all arts and sciences. Moreover, this Spirit knows the thoughts of all people and can change them. He can tell you the secrets of other people.

Dantalion can cause the target (of your spell) to feel compassion and love for others.

Source: Goetia & Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly

Dantalion belongs to the Duke group of Goetia demons.





Demon Sallos and Demon Dantalion are very compatible with each other. This is the seal of Sallos from Goetia.
Demon Sallos and Demon Dantalion are very compatible with each other. This is the seal of Sallos from Goetia.



Demon Sallos from Goetia is the demon of love. He is very much liked by Dantalion. You can summon these two demons together during the same ritual in case you need to sweeten up your lover towards you.



This is a love spell. I had summoned demon Dantalion and demon Sallos from Goetia.
This is a love spell. I had summoned demon Dantalion and demon Sallos from Goetia.





Duke Dantalion: unrealistic desires

lead to tragic results



I want to tell the story of one client. Her case was very tragic. She lived together with a very abusive husband and was exposed to regular verbal abuse.

The woman asked me to summon Dantalion and to cast a spell on her rude husband. She worded her petition like this: “Dear Dantalion, teach my husband a lesson in good manners and please transform him into a kind and polite man.”

Nothing seemed to happen after I cast the spell. On the contrary, her husband became even more evil. After 9 months the Dantalion spell manifested results.

The woman’s husband had beaten her up. The neighbours called the police and the man was locked into jail. Dantalion was with the man during the jail time and brainwashed him.

When the man was released from jail, he was no longer his former self. The man was polite, loving and very kind. The client thanked me for a successful spell.

I have made a video about Dantalion. In this video I talk about Dantalion and the spells you can do with Dantalion, etc. I also talk a little bit about Malphas.




In this video I talk about demon Dantalion from Goetia.






the best time for witchcraft




This is the tree of life. Demon Dantalion comes from Netzach.
Dantalion comes from the area near or inside the Qlipha Harab Serapel.



Dantalion is a Spirit of Venus and he can be matched to the Qlipha Harab Serapel (the shell of Sephira Netzach). I use the correspondences of Netzach for Harab Serapel:

Ruling planet: Venus

Day: Friday

Astrological hour: Venus

Paper seal colour: green

Metal seal: copper

Number: 7

Candle colour: green, red, copper (you can use white too)

The best day for rituals with Dantalion is Friday. You can select the astrological hour of Venus.





The spell with Duke Dantalion:





This spell is done on a Friday and as near to the full moon as possible. Instead of going for cursing work, I prefer to at least try to influence a person with the help of Dantalion and some spell items:

You will need:

a green seal of Dantalion

the doll of the target

commanding powder


white candle





The spell with Duke Dantalion



Activate the seal of Dantalion with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Summon Dantalion:

“I evoke and conjure you Dantalion. I call you forth in the name and by the authority of my Master Satan. I need your help to influence [Name and Surname] to show respect and behave in kind ways…”

Activate the doll too. Open the head cavity of the doll and stuff a small slip of paper with the following text: ” I feel so guilty. I love my parents!”

But before you insert this slip of paper, please moist it in honey and rub with the commanding powder. Sew shut the head cavity of the doll.

Give the doll instructions to behave. Read the spell over the doll 3 times. Ask Dantalion to influence the target to behave. Attach the seal to the doll with thread and needle.

Thank Dantalion and give him permission to leave. Create a small Dantalion shrine in your home and attend the altar at least once a week to bring offerings to this demon. Keep the doll in a safe place, because you can do more spell with it (to influence the target).





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