A youth glamoury spell with the seal of Maguth


The seal of Maguth. This spirit can aid in beauty and money spells.


I begin by providing you with some information about the Spirit Maguth. If you want to know more, then you are welcome to read my post about the spirits of Compendium Rarissimum.

Maguth is mentioned in The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage. This spirit executes the operations of glamoury spells and money spells. You are also welcome to read my post about money magick with Maguth.

It is said that Maguth can fake an illusion and make a mature woman look like a young lady, and also make a young lady appear as an older woman.



From where does Maguth come?



The Qlipha of Astaroth is the shell of Chesed. I use the correspondences of Chesed for its shell.


Maguth is matched to the Qlipha of Astarot (the shell of Chesed). I used the below listed correspondences for my spell with Maguth:

Number: 4

Ruling planet: Jupiter

Day: Thursday

Astrological hour: Jupiter

Oil for the seal: rose

Herb: cinnamon



So, you will need:

1 white candle

olive oil and powdered cinnamon (to coat the candle)

two seals: Maguth and Leviathan (Maguth obeys Leviathan)

your blood and a necklace (I use my pentacle)

Activate the seal of Maguth with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Summon Leviathan and then also Maguth:

” I evoke and conjure you Maguth. I call you forth in the name and by the authority of my Master Satan. I request your help in the execution of my Youth Glamoury spell. Wrap me in the illusion of youth and beauty.”

Place your necklace on the seal of Maguth. Apply your blood to the seal and follow with a few drops of rose oil. Visualise the desired outcome: you turning into a young person.

Pick up the seal of Maguth from your altar and rub your face with it. Say as I say during my spells with Maguth:

” Seal, as I rub you over my face,

All imperfections you must erase,

Help me to bewitch some men when at me they gaze,

I now take on a much younger face.


My age of [number of years] has no effect upon my life,

Except that I am healthy, happy and wise,

A fascination I create late this night,

To seal myself into beauty and youth very tight.


Time has stopped for me tonight,

It goes backwards each day and each night.

Younger I will appear with each passing day,

And more beautiful than today.”

Raise power and charge the seal of Maguth. Thank both Leviathan and Maguth for their help and give them licence to depart.

Wipe your face with the bewitched seal every morning upon awakening and every eve before going to bed. The results must follow. Repeat this spell often.



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