Amaymon and the Goetia demon Asmoday: a money bottle spell









Amaymon and the Goetia demon Asmoday work as a team. This seal of Amaymon comes from the Sworn Book of Honorius.



Amaymon and the Goetia demon Asmoday work as a team: Amaymon is boss over Asmoday. I am very thankful to my mentor Asmoday, because he taught me Photoshop very fast.

Demon Asmoday held his promise: he teaches any science, software and handicrafts to anybody who has a burning desire to learn.





Demon Asmoday:

Pseudomonarchia Daemonum



Demon Asmoday is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.



Sidonay or Asmoday is a great king. He is seen with three heads: first is like a bull, the second like a man, the third like a ram. He has a serpents tail.

He throws up flames out of his mouth and he walks on feet of a goose. Moreover, he rides upon an infernal dragon and carries a lance and a flag in his hand.

Asmoday is under the power of Amaymon. You must approach Asmoday and Amaymon with great respect and be very polite and humble in your petitions.

If you do not show respect, Asmoday and Amaymon will deceive you and turn all your actions into failures.

Asmoday gives the ring of Virtues. He teaches maths and geometry, astronomy, mechanics and all handicrafts. To all your demands, he answers truly and fully.

He makes you invincible, and shows you a source of income and guards it. Asmoday rules 72 legions of inferior spirits.

Johann Weyer, Pseudomonarchia Daemonum





Amaymon and Asmoday:

they teach software



Moreover, I asked Asmoday to teach me how to redirect website URLS from http to https, WordPress on a good level with the use of Woocommerce and other plugins. I was taught all this by the demon just in a couple of months.

I was taught this (while I was possessed by the demon). The demons had used my brain, my eyes and my hands to build my webshop.

Today, if you ask me to build a webshop, I doubt my capacity to do this. I don’t even remember all the details of the process.

So, this is a spell I did a while ago and Asmoday held his promise. I want to give my mentor public praise. I rarely do any baneful spells to harm somebody and I never ever asked Asmoday to harm anyone.




This video will introduce you to the Kings of Goetia.





Amaymon and Asmoday:

the best time for witchcraft



This is the Qliphotic tree.
Asmoday is summoned during Sundays. His abodes is the Qlipha Thagirion (the shell of Tiphareth).



The correspondences of Thagirion (also Tiphareth) are:

Ruling planet: Sun

Day: Sunday

Astro hour: Sun

Metal: gold

Paper seal colour: yellow

Candle colour: yellow (use white if you don’t have yellow)

Number: 6

Plant: Sunflower (use seeds)

The best day for rituals with Asmoday is Sunday. You can fine tune your magick by selecting the astrological hour of Sun.

The best times to do this money bottle spell is the new moon, waxing moon or the full moon. The day of the week should be a Sunday, because Asmoday is a solar demon.




The spell



You will need: 

a yellow candle

money oil (for the candle)

a small glas jar with a screw lid

enough rice

6 sunflower seeds + 6 coins (3 native and 3 foreign)

the seals of Asmoday and Amaymon (mint oil for the seals, because mint attracts money)

your blood

money powder (cinnamon, nutmeg, mint and parsley, etc)



This is a ritual with demon Asmoday from Goetia.
This is a ritual with Asmoday. I wore a special cuff too. My cuff was charged on the seal of Asmoday.



Activate the seals of Amaymon and Asmoday with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Summon Amaymon first and then call upon Asmoday.





[I was in need of help and asked the demons to build up my website and webshop, and install all the VAT calculations.

The truth is that I summoned other demons too and made multiple pacts with each of them. I summoned Lucifer, Lucifuge, Clauneck, Bune, Asmoday and Amaymon very often. They built up my webshop and taught me design in Photoshop on a very good level. I felt so loved by the demons during the whole process.]





Ask Asmoday and Amaymon to help you. I worded my desire so: “Teach me WordPress, WooCommerce and all that has to do with my webshop on a level unknown to me before!”

You may and must ask the demons to help you make money, but sometimes the making of more money is a gradual process. The demons will help you by drawing to you a new opportunity and teaching you new skills.

Place a drop or two of your blood along with a few drops of mint oil on both seals. Powder the seals with money powder.

Pour a little rice into the jar to cover it’s bottom. Drop in the folded seals of both demons. Add the coins and sunflower seeds, and pour in the rest of the rice. Close the jar.

Raise power and charge the jar. Thank the demons and give them the licence to go. Asmoday and Amaymon will begin taking care of you. You will be safe with them.





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