The planetary talisman of Sun: a money spell with the seals of Sun, Sorath and Nakhiel









The planetary talisman of Sun consists of: the seals of Sun, Nakhiel (the Mind of Sun), and Sorath, the Spirit of Sun.



The planetary talisman of Sun is very powerful! It will give you confidence and drive to accomplish great things. If you want powerful and long lasting results, use this seal often.

The planetary talisman of Sun can be found in The Veritable Clavicles of Solomon. It can also be found in the Golden Dawn, in the Three books of Occult philosophy (H. C Agrippa) and also in The Magus (Francis Barrett).

But first, some words of warning. Planetary spirits are very powerful and they may create chaos in your life. You have to be careful when you summon Sorath, because he is a very proud spirit.





The planetary talisman of Sun



“The fourth table is of the Sun, and is made of a square of six, and contains thirty-six particular numbers, whereof six in every side and diameter produce one hundred and eleven, and the sum of all is six hundred and sixty-six.

There are over it divine names, with an intelligence to what is good, and a spirit to what is evil, and out of it is drawn the character of the Sun and of his spirits.

This being engraven on a plate of pure gold, Sol being fortunate, renders him that wears it renowned, amiable, acceptable, potent in all his works, and equals him to a king, elevating his fortunes, and enabling him to do whatever he will.

But with an unfortunate Sun, it makes one a tyrant, proud, ambitious, insatiable, and finally to come to an ill ending.”

The Magus, Francis Barrett




Sorath: the risk of magick



Do rituals with the planetary talisman of Sun at your own risk. Why at your own risk? When I was new to planetary magick, I did a lot of research before I dared to summon planetary spirits.

Its normal to experience confusion when we are about to study something new. Sorath is a very powerful spirit and he must be approached with a little bit caution.

He is capable of stirring up the deepest levels of the subconscious mind. If you are depressed, your grief may become very dark. Magick with planetary spirits cannot be compared to magick with the Goetia demons.



Sorath is the demon of Sun and he is assigned to Qlipha Tagaririm.
Sorath is the demon of Sun and he is assigned to Qlipha Tagaririm. The Qliphotic Tree is the map of Hell.



I noticed that Sorath is brainwashing me into other pathways of thinking. Sorath is a teacher and he opens our eyes to the truth about the world. Barzabel is also a demon who is capable of creating chaos.

I offer you a video about Sorath and Barzabel, so that you know what to expect. I also mention other demons like Bucon.








Sorath: the correspondences



The correspondences of Thagirion (Tiphareth) are:

Ruling planet: Sun

Day: Sunday

Astrological hour: Sun

Metal seal: gold

Paper seal colour: yellow

Number: 6

Plant: sunflower

The number of Sorath: 666

The number of Nakhiel: 111




The spell



This spell is best done during a Sunday and as near to the full moon as possible. The whole waxing moon period is also suitable.

You will need:

the planetary talisman of Sun



This is the planetary talisman of Sun with the seals of Sun, Sorath and Nakhiel.



a white candle

money oil (for the candle) + money powder (2 parts cinnamon: 1 part nutmeg)

your blood

mint oil for the seal (mint attracts money strongly)

a cuff, ring or a chain (wear permanently)

Activate the seal with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Begin the evocation of Sorath:

“I evoke and conjure you Sorath, the Spirit of Sun…” Call Nakhiel too. State your desires and ask the spirits to help you in achieving your goals.

Apply your blood to the seal along with mint oil. Place your jewel on the seal and powder all this with cinnamon and nutmeg. Say your spell 3 times and raise power. Charge the seal.

When you are done with your ritual, go pour out the money powder on your carpets. Place the seal some place where you work (in your desk drawer).

Wear your jewel all the time. Soon you will begin experiencing changes to the better and you will become wiser too. Sorath has a lot to teach.




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