Bethor, the Olympic spirit: a money spell









The Olympic spirit Bethor is described in the Arbatel De magia veterum and this is his seal.



The Olympic spirit Bethor is described in the Arbatel De magia veterum. It is not difficult to summon the Olympic spirits. I love to do spells with Hagith, Aratron and Bethor.

Some mages had warned me not to summon Bune and others told me not to summon Bethor. But I am so stubborn and therefore no “good” advise keeps me away from my experimentations in the area of magick.

I have done spells with the pentacles from the Key of Solomon and I have substituted the Hebrew text with English. I have also done spells with the demons of Grimoirium Verum.

The spirits of Jupiter, among them Bethor, all aid in the attainment of money and help to direct the flow of financial resources to you. So, now I am going to describe my way of doing a spell with Bethor. When you call upon Bethor, please be aware, that you are calling upon a power with very high voltage.

This can have consequences if you are not used to handle such spirits, or do not know how to stop a spell in time before the manifestation occurs. Or if you do not know how to close portals in case of spirit activity in your place (I have witnessed poltergeist activity in my home).

Usually, you will feel when it is time for you to begin working with powers of more high voltage. For example, the Goetic demon Bune cannot be compared to Bethor with regard to the “voltage”.

Therefore, do not call upon Bethor if you want to ruin someone’s business.  I think that Bethor, and generally all the spirits of Jupiter won’t help in such bad workings.

Instead, your business will be demolished. Handle powers of high voltage with respect. If you really wish someone ill and want to ruin them, then it is more suitable to call upon the spirits of Saturn or Mars. But it is best not to curse at all.

It is very important to form a protective circle, do the LBRP both before and after the evocation of Bethor, and also give the licence to depart.






The correspondences

of Chesed (Jupiter)



The correspondences for spells with Bethor are:

Ruling planet: Jupiter

Day: Thursday

Astro hour: Jupiter

Paper seals: blue

Number: 4 (coins)

Herbs: cinnamon and nutmeg





The 3rd pentacle of Jupiter



Also, please use the 3rd pentacle of Jupiter from the Key of Solomon. By using this pentacle you invite the essence of Jupiter and also the energy of the spirit Jophiel which controls the summoned powers (the Mind of Jupiter).



The seal of Jupiter and the seal of Jophiel are the two important components of the 3rd pentacle of Jupiter.



The best time to do spells with Bethor is the waxing moon and the full moon.





This is what you will need:



Cover the seals with paper money 24 hours before your ritual. Prepare also your money powder by mixing 2 parts of powdered cinnamon with 1 part powdered nutmeg.

Place money (coins and paper money) and silver or gold jewellery into the money powder 24 hours before your ritual.





1 blue seal of Bethor

the 3rd pentacle of Jupiter (blue)

1 white candle

money oil for the candle

money powder

4 coins

mint oil (for the seals)

a chain that you will wear permanently

your blood

a small bag to contain the seals





The ritual



Apply some money oil to the white candle and then roll the candle in the money powder. Light the candle.

Activate the seal of Bethor and the 3rd pentacle of Jupiter with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Begin summoning Jophiel, and after that summon Bethor.

Apply your blood to the seal of Bethor. Place the chain on the seal and apply a few drops of mint oil to the seal.

Express yourself regarding your desires and powder the seal of Bethor with the money powder. Place the 4 coins on the powdered seal of Bethor.

After you finish the ritual, let the white candle burn out. Fold the seals, coins, and the money powder into a napkin. Secure all this with a rubber band and pack into a small plastic bag.

The package is then packed into a small spell bag. Carry this Bethor Money bag with you or place it in one of the drawers in your desk at work. Wear the chain on your person.

And prepare yourself: more clients and more work are coming to you.

But you will ask me: “How was the feel of your circle when you summoned Bethor?”. The circle felt different, because I got a feeling that the space around me was filled with water.

Have you walked in a swimming pool while the water was reaching up to your waist? Yes? I felt the same way and I was aware that a large being took up lots of place inside the circle.

Many mages have a primary task of asking the summoned spirits specific questions. I am not interested in this practice.

Instead, I go straight forward and ask the gods to help me: I “demand” services, goods, money, all this, in exchange for worshiping the spirits and demons.





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