Vine (Goetia #45) — V.K. Jehannum



Names: Vine, Vinea Element: Water, Air Planet: Mars; Sun; Jupiter; Neptune Tarot: 10 of Swords; 6 of Cups Rank: King, Earl Color: Yellow, White Legions: 36 D/N: Nocturnal Zodiac: Gemini 20-30; Scorpio 10-14; Capricorn 5-9 Date: June 11-20; Nov 2-6; Dec 27-31 Magickal Numbers: 71, 82, 64, 87, 86, 89, 54 Gematria: 67 Attributions: Gold, […]

via Vine (Goetia #45) — V.K. Jehannum



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