The differens between a Witch’s Bottle and a Money Bottle



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A Witch’s Bottle with the seal of Lucifer and the 4th pentacle of Mars from Clavicula Salomonis.


Witch’s Bottles are the most powerful methods of protection. This kind of bottle will protect you in case a magickal attack has been thrown your way. The malice will be reflected back to the sender.

Even if you have no enemies at all, it is good to make such a bottle, because a stranger’s concealed anger due to a bad day can be a poisonous arrow for you.

Moreover, such bottles make your boss behave, in case you are treated unfairly at work. I have nearly 300 such jars at home, because once upon a time I had a troublemaker in my life.

Now, they keep distance, because they love their small child.


I used the seal of Lucifer in combination with the 4th pentacle of Mars. It worked for me.


I also used Witch’s bottles to protect my financial interests when involved in negotiations with a malicious group of people.

It is a misconception that one should not use graveyard dirt in such bottles. Just be sure that the dirt does not come into contact with your hair when you place both inside a Witch’s Bottle.


This hybrid seal is super powerful and I use it in my Witch bottles.


Use the seals of Lucifer, Haures and Bael along with coffin nails, graveyard dirt, mustard and peppers when you prepare your Witch’s Bottle.

I have also used the 4th pentacle of Mars and the 3rd pentacle of Saturn from Clavicula Salomonis in my Witch’s Bottles with great success.



The 3rd pentacle of Saturn can be used as a component of a Witch’s bottle along with coffin nails and graveyard dirt.


The most auspicious time to prepare a Witch’s bottle is the fullmoon and the whole waning moon period. The most auspicious days of the week are of course Tuesdays and Saturdays.

If you do your rituals during the nights, then choose the nights between:

  • 4th pentacle of Mars: Monday and Tuesday (after midnight it will be Tuesday)
  • 3rd pentacle of Saturn: Friday to Saturday (after midnight it will be Saturday)

Of course, you might want to do the ritual during the astrological hours of Mars (if you use the 4th pentacle of Mars) and the astrological hour of Saturn (if you use the 3rd pentcle of Saturn).


Sphere 5 (Marsian seals) and sphere 3 (Saturnian seals) will be your guidelines for the choice of the seal colours, as well as sphere 6 (Bael) and 7 (Haures).


Bael should be summoned during Sundays, and during the astrological hour of the Sun.

Haures should be summoned during Fridays, and during the astrological hour of Venus.


The Money Bottle


The seal of Asmoday can be used as a component in a Money bottle.


A Money bottle is a jar (with a screw lid). It is filled with the seals of money attracting spirits, money, rice, herbs, dirt from a supermarket or a palace, salt and sugar.

One prepares such a Money bottle during a ritual while calling upon the money manifesting spirits like Bune, Purson and Asmoday from Goetia.

Of course, you might want to prepare Money bottles with the seals of Lucifer and Clauneck, because the latter demon brings money to you. Clauneck is the beloved friend of Lucifer.

I have also prepared Money bottles with the seals of Amenadiel, Usiel, Darochiel and Malgaras (Goetia Theurgia).



When to summon the spirits?


The most auspicious time to prepare Money bottles is the full moon and the waxing moon period. The best days of the week for money spells depend upon the spirits you choose as your allies.

Bune is summoned during Fridays, and during the astrological hour of Venus.



The seal of Bune from Goetia.


Clauneck and Lucifer are summoned together durind Tuesdays (during the astrological hour of Mars). Sundays are good too.


The seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum.



According to Grimoirium Verum, Lucifer and Clauneck are the spirits of Tuesday. They are matched to Golab. This chart is based on Clavicula Salomonis.


Purson and Asmoday are summoned during Sundays (astrological hour of the Sun).


The seal of Purson from Goetia.


Amenadiel, Usiel, Darochiel and Malgaras can be summoned during any day, because they are Elemental spirits.



The seal of Amenadiel from Theurgia Goetia.



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