The Goetic demon Murmur and the correspondences



Names: Mormo, Murmur, Murmas, Murmux, Matthias (Angel), Mermo, Lamia, Murmus, Mormolyttomai Rank: Count; Duke; Earl Mother: Hecate Legions: 30 Angel: Nithael; Hahiah Siblings: Scylla; Medea Path: 20/Yod/Virgo Gematria: 286, 350, 846, 910 Zodiac: Virgo 20-30; Saggittarius 25-29 Date: Dec 17-21; Sept 12-22 D/N: Nocturnal Color: Dark Blue; Green Planet: Sun; Venus; Mars Plant: Parsley Incense: […]

via Mormo or Murmur (Goetia #54) — V.K. Jehannum



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