Frater Parusha and his enchanted metal seals from ancient Grimoires


The three seals of Lucifer and one unique seal. All four seals are handmade by Frater Parusha.


Frater Parusha is a Thelemite and an aspirant of the A.’.A.’. He is passionate about his path and also creates enchanted metal seals for use in rituals. The metals are: gold, silver, copper and other. Occultists worldwide know Frater Parusha for his unique items. These items are based on Goetia, Clavicula Salomonis, Grimorium Verum and other ancient grimoires.


Frater Parusha and his enchanted seals from ancient grimoires.


“Its all handwork and customized…and also magickal. All my artwork is charged with magickal energy to assist those on the Path. It should be treated as such, because the seals become living beings. Magickal items tend to have a life on their own. So also be very careful with them. You will sense the energy in the seals when you have the seals or pendants on your person” – says Frater Parusha.

Frater Parusha is a very experienced mage with more than 25 years of experience on the Magickal Path. You are welcome to visit his homepage by following this link: Alchemyparusha. Frater Parusha has an online business too: the Ancient Artifacts Workshop.


Qabalah_seal of Lucifer_Goetia_Grimoirium Verum
The seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum created by Frater Parusha.