Money magick with demon Purson


The seal of Purson from Goetia.


Todays subject is the evocation of Purson from Goetia. I have done some spells with Purson and I liked this spirit very much.

Purson is ranked as a King according to the classification list in Goetia. If you want to know more about the Kings of Goetia and their duties, then I have a post for you: The Kings of Goetia and how they can help you.

The Qlipha (shell) of the demon’s origin is an important parameter in spells, because each such shell “behind” the Sephira (the round sphere on the Tree of Life) has its own correspondences.

As an example, I will describe how to summon the demon Purson.


Each Sephira has a number assigned to it. Use this number in your spells. Use the colors for seals.


Purson comes from sphere number 6 on the Tree of Life. This Sephira (sphere) is called Tiphareth in Hebrew. The Qlipha (shell) has approximately the same correspondences as the Sephira:

ruling planet: Sun

day: Sunday

astro hour: Sun

number: 6 (use 6 coins)

colour for paper seals: yellow

metal seal: gold

plant: sunflower (seeds)

powdered cinnamon (draws money)

candle colour: yellow

More tricks: glue your hair to the seal of Purson, apply a drop of your blood too, and jam the coins, cinnamon and mint into the folded seal. Stuff the seal into a Mojo bag.


The Sephirotic Tree of Life. Sephira number 6 is Tiphareth.


Now, I will describe how to call upon Purson in human lang. But first, one important thing to mention: do all your spells and demon evocations while you are inside your ritual circle.

Do not expose your auric bodies to demonic forces. Demons are not angels. Also, the instructions to demons must be given carefully. Do not leave anything to chance.


People ask me: “Do I have to sacrifice something to the demon?” No, its not so important (with huge sacrifices) and moreover, be careful with your promises to the demons.

I do not think that sacrifices and promises are understood by demons. Well, they understand if you promise something, but then you will be forced to keep your word.

Don’t promise too much! If a demon helps you, you can give him/her public praise as a reward. You can offer the demon a candle during your spells (a gift).

I keep a small whip in my altar drawer, because once during a ritual some force started to bounce against my chest. I fear less when I have a whip, because I became scared of the way these forces behave.


A Money Bottle with the seal of Purson



So, gaze at the seal of the demon for 2-3 minutes and start calling it: “I call you forth Spirit Purson from the Sephira of Tiphareth (Qlipha of Thagirion).

I call you forth in the name of my Lord. Obey now me, who is your Mistress. Appear before me within my mirror in a pleasurable shape.”

If you see nothing in the mirror as you gaze into it, its okay. I close my eyes and sit quitly during 5 minites, and then the spirit appears.

Continue to send out your calls to the demon. Look at the seal from time to time as you speak. Then after 3 or 4 minutes you may say:

“In peace I welcome you Spirit Purson from the Sephira of Tiphareth. I am in need of money for food, rent and clothes. Therefore, I call upon you now. Help me to attract the money I need.”

Compose a spell. The spell must be wise. Don’t just ask Purson to throw money at you from the sky, but instead point out some reasonable avenues for the inflow of money.

The avenues for the inflow of money must be safe. The spell is an instruction to the demon. At the end of your spell poem you should add these words:

“For the best of all involved,

As I now say, so must it be.

All stars are perfectly aligned,

To work my spell as it is designed.”


When you have raised enough power inside your circle and are finished with the charging of the seal, its time to give the demon the licence to go:

“Thank you. Go in peace Spirit Purson and return to your sphere of origin which is Tiphareth (Thagirion).

In the name of my Lord, I command you to harm none as your depart back to your home. Go in peace now.” Thats it.

Time to finish your ritual. See also my other spell with Purson.