A Witch’s Bottle with graveyard dirt and the seal of Bael


Demon Bael is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.




Demon Bael: Goetia



The Goetia tells us that Bael rules 66 legions of Spirits. His office is to make you go invisible by hiding you away from your enemies.




Bael: Daemonolatry Goetia


Bael can help you to become more creative and even give advice in matters of the heart. Also, you can seek Bael for wealth magick, if you are involved in creative projects, and plan to earn money by selling your creativity.

Source: Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly




Demon Bael: his Enn


Enn: Ayer Secore On Ca Ba’al




A similar demon


Morail is a spirit from Grimoirium Verum and he also makes you go invisible. Demon Morail is indeed very good at hiding away documents, letters and people.




About the spell with Bael


This is a Hoodoo protection spell, but with a Goetic twist. I have summoned Bael before to obtain his protection and the spell worked wonders.

That time I choose a grey coloured seal of Bael, because grey is hard to detect and it is the colour of neutrality and invisibility. But this time I go after the Qabalistic correspondences.

The advantage of using paper seals is this: you can glue your hair to the seal, apply your blood to the seal, and powder the hair and your blood with Hoodoo powders.

Then you can fold the seal and place it into Witch bottles, Mojo bags or purses.

A Witch’s bottle is a protection device that is very powerful in its ability to shield you from all sort of malice. Malice may range from magickal attacks and end with people plotting plans to harm your financial interests.

I find that combining Goetic evocations of demons and the magick of Hoodoo gives a very very strong protection.

Your enemies (well, lets say troublemakers) will simply fail to plot evil plans against you.




From where does Bael come?



Sephira 6 is Tiphareth and houses the demon Bael. The seal colour can be golden or yellow.


Bael is ranked as a King. This means that he is matched to the solar sphere on the Qliphotic Tree, that is, to Tagaririm. If you know the Tree of Life with its 10 Sephiroth, then Bael comes from Tiphareth.

I use the correspondences of Tiphareth even for Tagaririm. The correspondences of Tiphareth are such:

ruling planet: Sun

colour: yellow

metal: gold

number: 6

plant: Sunflower

day: Sunday

hour: astrological hour of the Sun

The best day to summon Bael is Sunday. You can do protection spells with Bael during the waxing moon, during the full moon, and also during the waning moon.




You will need:


a black candle + protection oil

pine oil for the seal (pine is a protective tree)

a glas jar with a lock

a yellow seal of Bael

your hair + glue

a drop of your blood

6 ordinary nails

2 coffin nails (optional)


Coffin nails_voodoo hoodoo_protection spells
Coffin nails.

a whole garlic

1 kg salt or even more

graveyard dirt


The Graveyard is not a dead place. The spirits of the dead roam in that place.


mustard powder, black pepper, chilli powder and cayenne pepper

a clean sheet of paper (to wrap the seal of Bael in mustard and peppers)

a sheet of paper with your spell (to place into the Witch’s bottle)

black thread to tie the scroll with your spell

black electrical tape to secure the lock to the jar so nobody ever opens your Witch’s bottle

Activate the seal of Bael with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Start summoning Bael while looking at the seal and calling upon the demon.

State also the purpose of your call to Bael or what you want him to do for you in an exact manner. You should have a list and read from this list.

I find Bael very helpful when I want to disappear so my presence is not detectable at all. Sometimes we need to hide away from unwanted experiences no matter what other people want us to do.

It is our life and we have the right to protect ourselves from people who think they decide how we should live. It is not our task to make everybody happy and behave like obedient sheep.



seal of Bael_Goetia_ceremonial witchcraft_
My ritual with Bael (gluing my hair).


Glue your hair to the seal of Bael and give some instructions to the demon. Then fold the seal and place it on the empty sheet of paper.

Pour graveyard dirt, mustard, chilli powder, cayenne pepper and black pepper on the seal. This will make you too hot to touch or trouble. People may avoid you as a result of the mustard coating the seal.






Wrap all this, secure with tape and place into the jar. Pour in salt, add a whole garlic, the coffin nails, the 6 ordinary nails, your spell scroll and fill the jar with salt to the brim.

Notice though, that you should read aloud your spell too for it to be understood by Bael.




Ending the ritual



Before you finish your ritual it is very important to send the summoned demons to their homes on the Tree of Life. I advice even to perform the LBRP before and after such rituals. Why?

You summon spirits of the dead and also demons. Banish such forces back to their place of origin after the ritual is over.



The Witch’s bottle.




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