Magick with Angel Hrayel and the 2nd pentacle of Saturn


The seal of Angel Hrayel.

This magick is done during the full moon. It will help you to pass through difficult times. Actually, this ritual is about the creation of a talisman for good luck.

One side of the talisman contains the seal of Angel Hrayel and the other side of the talisman contains the second pentacle of Saturn.


The 2nd Saturnian pentacle is known as the famous Sator Arepo square.


Because Angel Hrayel is assigned to the Sephira of Binah, I used the correspondences of Binah:

ruling planet of Binah: Saturn

day: Saturday

astro hour: Saturn


The spirits of Saturn come from Binah.



What I used in my spell:


the seal of Angel Hrayel


The seal of Angel Hrayel.


the second pentacle of Saturn from the Clavicula Salomonis


The second pentacle of Saturn (English).

a black plate

3 coins and 3 tea candles

a black altar cloth

money powder (cinnamon and nutmeg / ratio 2:1)

mint oil (for the seals)

oil for the candles (olive or bay leaf)

my hair and a drop of my blood


The second pentacle of Saturn (Hebrew text).


The seal of Hrayel, the second pentacle of Saturn and the three coins are charged during the ritual. This talisman (or if you like to call it an amulet) can be kept in your purse.

Indeed, this is a spell for good luck with regard to money and I use a money drawing powder in combination with the seals.

The seal of Hrayel and the second pentacle of Saturn are kept in contact with money some hours before the ritual. The money powder is also allowed to come into contact with paper money and coins.

You will have to compose your own version of the spell. During my spell I also gaized at the second pentacle of Saturn and said aloud: ” Rotas, Opera, Tenet, Arepo, Sator.”

I also affirmed that I am safe and in charge of my life, and that adversity cannot degrade me or harm me.

Mint oil will draw money if used in money spells. The mint oil is applied to the talisman and to the purse.

The money powder will be poured out on the talisman during the ritual. After the ritual is finished you can powder your carpets in your home with this money drawing powder.

You can also glue your hair to the talisman. A drop of your blood will enhance the spell, but this is optional.




The ritual


I activated the talisman with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Then I summoned Angel Hrayel. I was looking at his sigil during five minutes and calling him.

I also arranged the 3 coins on the seal of Hrayel. After that I applied some mint oil to the seal. At last I poured out the money powder on the seal. I raised power and projected the force into the seal.

Before finishing my ritual I thanked Hrayel for his help and gave him the permission to go. On the next day I separated the talisman seal from the coins and the money powder.

I placed the coins into the folded talisman seal along with some money powder and packed all this into my purse.

I also powdered my carpets and floor with the money powder.


The ritual with Hrayel.



The talisman covered with money powder.



The Golden Dawn and the seal of Hrayel


Another seal of Angel Hrayel (Hrayel is one of the 72 Angels of Shemhamforash).


I have also found the spelling of the name Hrayel in Hebrew in the Golden Dawn book written by Israel Regardie (the 6th edition ISBN: 978-0-87542-663-1):


The Golden Dawn.


Hebrew name spelling: הריאל

Hebrew is read from right to left:






The name of Hrayel is pronounced as: Hrayel and not as Harayel. It is therefore you may end up with two different seals.

It is my experience that Angel Hrayel can also teach us protection rituals when we are in need of protection.



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